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Being a subsequent to final in a kin organisation of five, 11-year-old Cadence was looking brazen to an whole weekend of alone time with her grandmother, Features editor Cindy Casey. After a bustling Saturday morning, they motionless to stop off during Neighbor’s General Store and Ice Cream Parlor in Port Orange for lunch and a special provide of homemade ice cream.

What’s a place like?

As we walked in, Cadence stopped in her tracks. She looked all around, holding it all in – a ubiquitous store and eatery ripping in colorful displays of candy, pressed animals, breeze hosiery and flags, wall placards and so most more.

“Oh Grandma, this is a kind of place kids dream about!”

The ice cream parlor looked like one from my childhood, nonetheless there was most some-more colorful fun displays that enclosed a potion refrigerated box of 20-some homemade ice cream tubs and as many wide-mouth potion jars filled with each kind of commanding a child could imagine.

Cadance’s eyes were as vast as saucers as she looked around.

“I know. First we have lunch,” she said.

So, what’s on a menu?

To my surprise, it was utterly extensive. They had a accumulation of breakfast offerings from baked products like bagels, muffins, scones and cinnamon rolls, homemade waffles, egg sandwiches, an acai play that comes installed with fruit, normal breakfasts and smoothies.

Lunches enclosed all from homemade tortilla nachos, chili cheese fries, soup of a day, tacos quesadillas, subs, pizza, a accumulation of offerings featuring Nathans prohibited dogs, salads and wraps and a kids’ menu.

What did we have?

With all those choices, Cadence motionless on duck tenders – a adult apportionment since she was “starving.” The disproportion between a adult apportionment and a children’s menu object is dual tenders and lots some-more French fries. But these tenders were not your quick food variety. They are vast pieces of crispy all white chicken, that come with a choice of dipping sauce. Needless to say, Cadence took half of a portion home.

I motionless on a oven-roasted duck bacon plantation underling that came pressed with melted provolone cheese on a uninformed baked toasted wheat hurl with lettuce, tomato and Neighbor’s homemade plantation dressing. Each of their subs also comes with chips and dill pickle. Diners have a choice of upgrading to French fries instead of chips for $1.99 more.

For dessert, that was a genuine reason for Cadence’s luncheon treat, she chose a two-scoop crater with string candy and birthday cake homemade flavors. Her toppings were an collection of colorful sprinkles.

If we were carrying dessert, we would have selected The Bomb, that was featured in a opposite arrangement – one dip of tough ice cream between dual homemade cookies dusted in confectioner’s sugar. Hmmm … looked so good, though we resisted!

How most did it cost?

It all came to $32.98, including dual fountain drinks, taxation and tip.

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