Lunch Bunch Halloween Treat: Green ‘Nightmare King’ burger scary, though tasty

The Burger King “Nightmare King” burger might demeanour frightful though tastes dreamy.

Times Record News Lunch Buddy picked one adult Thursday during a downtown plcae on a dilemma of 14th and Holliday streets.

After we get past a green, black and white Frankenstein-ish wrapper, a initial thing we notice is a bun – it is green.

Yes, that is right, immature bun – not a weed green, some-more of a pale olive. A small put off, Buddy explored a rest of this monster.

A burger patty is surfaced with a hunk of boiled duck and inexhaustible portions of bacon.

The central outline from Burger King is a “savory flame-grilled beef” patty, “100 percent white meat” crispy duck fillet, melted American cheese, “thick-cut” bacon, mayonnaise and onions on “glazed” immature sesame-seeded bun.

Admittedly, Lunch Buddy had to cruise a conditions for a while before satirical by that avocado-shaded beast.

Finally, eyes closed, Buddy took a punch – afterwards another. The chicken, beef, bacon sight was one of a tastiest things Buddy’s attempted given final Halloween.

Don’t be scared. Aside from a greenish hue, Nightmare King is a stately delight.

The calamity fuel is accessible for a singular time by Nov. 1.

Burger King is also charity Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry drinks during this singular time.

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