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The bequest of a rotisserie chicken: grocery stores’ golden goose

Last year, Americans purchased no reduction than 625m rotisserie chickens during grocery bondage opposite a country.

In an age where brick-and-mortar grocers are removing dejected by Amazon and food smoothness titans, these small pre-cooked birds are a guide of light. Priced low and sole ready-to-eat, they’ve been a primo captivate for grocery stores looking to captivate in shoppers for some-more than 20 years.

So primo, in fact, that certain bondage are now investing large bucks in optimizing their rotisserie duck supply chains.

How’d it all begin, grandpapa?!

Well kids, behind in a early ‘90s, Boston Market (then Boston Chicken) started portion adult rotisserie chickens as on-the-go “convenience” dishes — and sales went by a roof.

Grocery bondage started throwing on to a craze: by ‘94, Costco and Kroger were on a duck train, and by ‘98, Safeway, Albertsons, and many others came aboard.

These bondage cost their chickens super low (anywhere from $4.99 to $7.99), and cruise them to be a “loss leader” — an interesting product they didn’t indispensably distinction from, though that would tempt business to buy other things, like high-margin side dishes (conveniently placed by a chickens).

The rotisserie duck supply chain

The strange success of rotisserie duck sales in new years — and steadfast enterprise to keep them during a low price-point — has stirred stores to deposit heavily in streamlining their duck infrastructure.

Costco, a undisputed king of rotisserie chickens (they sole 87m of them final year, or 14% of a whole market) is throwing down $300m to build their possess ornithology estimate plant so they can strike out a middle-chicken.

They also, like other grocers, use a series of tricks to make rotisserie chickens seem like a improved understanding than they indeed are, including injecting a beef with adult to ½ a bruise of salt water.

But that’s kind of tough to protest about when you’re profitable $4.99 for a 3-pound bird pre-garnished with lemon and pepper.

Bird is a word

India’s national biometrics ID complement keeps removing hacked

For years, India’s biometric complement famous as Aadhaar has been rarely criticized for a vivid confidence flaws. Recently those flaws were widely unprotected after a personal data of a users was put adult for sale for underneath $10 on WhatsApp.

Over 1.19B people have enrolled in a world’s largest biometric ID system, that houses a brood of personal info (like fingerprints, retina scans, names, addresses, phone numbers, even bank comment info) — and puts a identities of those enrolled in a complement during risk.

Aadhaar has flattering many been a disaster given day one

Created in 2009, a 12-digit biometric temperament series was creatively made to prevent fraud. But, in a 9 years it’s been around, it’s acted as some-more of a approach entice for those looking to take an whole country’s identity.

In 2010, over 200 supervision agencies (with entrance to a accounts) incidentally published supportive Aadhaar info online, and given 2015, banking rascal has run prevalent on Aadhaar users, with temperament thieves attempting to open bank accounts in their names.

And, on a same day as a WhatsApp scandal, a internal media association reported a major hole in Aadhaar’s confidence that allows flattering many anyone to turn a information admin for a whole system.

But a UIDAI refuses to acknowledge a problem

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has brushed off claims of these dire Aadhaar confidence loopholes as “fake news.”

They’ve left so distant as to record an review opposite a publisher for The Tribune (a North Indian newspaper) who reported a WhatsApp incident.

Due to clever breeze resources, Northeast Brazil is apropos an electricity powerhouse

Deep in a northeast segment of Brazil lies a common city of Serra Branca, famous for harvesting corn… and wind.

In 2016, Brazil was ranked a 5th best breeze marketplace in a universe — and according to Bloomberg Tech, Serra Branca’s breezes are “so perfect” for powering breeze turbines that Brazil’s northeast segment is able of spinning some-more breeze appetite than any other segment on a planet.

Why is Serra Branca’s breeze so dang good?

Consistent breezes reportedly give a whole nation a ability cause (electricity constructed vs. a fanciful output) of 39%.

Serra Branca’s plcae privately gets aloft breeze speeds on normal than a rest of Brazil, with really small change in a wind’s instruction — famous to wind-heads as “the ideal climate.”

At 2.7 Gigawatts, they comment for a many wind-power ability in Brazil, and with that many wind, they have a lot to sell.

Meaning it’s gonna be cheeeaaap

French renewable appetite company, Voltalia SA, only won two projects in Serra Branca that will reportedly sell a cheapest breeze energy ever in Brazil.

In a span of supervision auctions final month, a association bid to broach electricity for a record low $29.82 per megawatt-hour, a pierce that eventually landed them a projects.

The association is now building a sum of 1k megawatts of breeze farms in a northeast segment and they design to deposit $867m into those endeavors.

Basket company’s hulk basket-shaped HQ finally finds a buyer

And we suspicion your “fixer-upper” was a tough sell… 45-year-old Ohio-based basket builder and lifestyle formula Longaberger finally sole a 21-acre bureau headquarters… that is also a 160x scale reproduction of their “Medium Market Basket.”

After sitting on a marketplace for scarcely a year, a world’s largest basket sold to a internal developer for $1.2m (a fragment of a $7.5m seeking price, and a distant cry from a $30m it took to construct).

Hey, when you’re a lifestyle brand, we gotta dedicate to a lifestyle.

It’s called “mimetic architecture,” and it’s dying

Popularized in a ‘50s, mimetic architecture is any building designed to “mimic” a duty of a building.

It’s what we consider of when we consider of “roadside America”: a donut emporium made like a donut, a library made like a smoke-stack of books… a basket association made like a basket.

But in a age of a internet, what used to be good selling is now a controversial investment during best.

Maybe it’s tacky, or maybe it’s a pointer of a times…

In a age of high-turnover startups, have to honour a joining to a prolonged transport of a association that builds an bureau made like their core product.

Longaberger strike rise basket in 2000 during $1B in sales and 8k employees, though sadly a woven-craze was not to final — a association has been slicing costs given ‘06.

But owner Dave Longaberger is ever-optimistic, that creates sum clarity — a man hired 500 employees to work with him inside of a building made like a basket.

things we should…

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