Love Guacs: This Valentine’s Day Chipotle Celebrates Real Love …

“It’s healthy people form a bond when they share a common passion. And, we’ve seen that come to life by a unusual adore stories common with us over a years,” pronounced Chris Arnold, communications executive during Chipotle. “This year, in a month when people applaud or are looking for love, it’s fun to expose a small adore behind to those who have connected over their adore of a food.”

Zach and Julie Ertz: ‘Til Guac Do Us Part
Back in college, when Philadelphia parsimonious finish Zach and U.S. Women’s National Soccer organisation defender Julie were on a fast-track to their jaunty careers, Zach took Julie to Chipotle on their initial date. Because, as we all know, there’s no bond stronger than a burrito. Fast brazen to today, when Julie doesn’t have time to make Zach’s favorite tacos, a U.S. Female Soccer Player of a Year and football champion conduct to Chipotle for their favorite food to fuel adult for large games.

Inspired by this and other Chipotle-themed adore stories like Zach and Julie’s, Chipotle went to a masses to expose real-life adore stories.

Here is a image of a few some-more adore stories:

  • The Burrito Baby, Sarah, Mark, Caleb and Jake: Mark has always famous of Sarah’s adore for Chipotle and knows her sequence by heart. During Sarah’s pregnancy, it was all she craved and Mark was always there to deliver. When their son Jake distinguished his initial birthday they had a Chipotle burrito pound instead of a cake smash, finish with Jake bundled adult in a Chipotle onesie.
  • The Burrito Bribers, Amber and Chris: Both outrageous fans of Chipotle, Amber and Chris had a grill support their wedding! Six months later, they changed into their initial residence and used Chipotle as a cheat to get a organisation together to assistance them move. Of course, it worked, and they had an army of friends and family to assistance get out of their unit and into their new residence in reduction than 4 hours.
  • An Unlikely Duo, Ian and Chipotle a Cat: A outrageous Chipotle fan and revisit customer, Ian was walking out of his internal Chipotle in Texas when he listened a still meow underneath his automobile and detected a kitten. Ian adopted a kitten and couldn’t consider of a improved name for his new adore than one of his existent loves: Chipotle.

Looking for another approach to channel all that love?  Chipotle is also mouth-watering fans to demonstrate their Chipotle adore in a Haiku Contest function Feb. 11-12. Fans who comment a haiku on Chipotle’s Facebook or Instagram post, or respond to their twitter on Twitter, will have a possibility to win giveaway burritos for a year and be #Chipotlebae for a day. The haiku with a many likes on Facebook and Instagram and a many retweets on Twitter wins. The competition is two days only, so get prepared to make a internet swoon.  Details and manners are accessible at

Steve Ells, founder, authority and CEO, started Chipotle with a thought that food served quick did not have to be a standard quick food experience. Today, Chipotle continues to offer a focused menu of burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads done from fresh, high-quality tender ingredients, prepared regulating classical cooking methods and served in an interactive character permitting people to get accurately what they want. Chipotle seeks out unusual mixture that are not usually fresh, though that are lifted responsibly, with honour for a animals, land, and people who furnish them. Chipotle prepares a food regulating real, whole ingredients, and is a usually inhabitant grill code that prepares a food regulating no combined colors, flavors or other industrial additives typically found in quick food. Chipotle non-stop with a singular grill in Denver in 1993 and now operates some-more than 2,400 restaurants. For some-more information, revisit

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