London grill is offered a 3kg 6 patty cheeseburger that comes with a pint of cheese sauce

If your turn of eating is right adult there with that seen on Man v Food , now we can finally infer only how most we can unequivocally consume, in a form of a world’s largest burger.

To applaud a attainment of new presenter Casey Webb, a central Man v Food has combined a 3kg quintuplet cheeseburger, to see if people can put their income where their mouth is.

Not for a cowardly (or lactose intolerant), a large burger consists of 5 patties, any of that has been injected with a opposite form of cheese including, Jalapeno, Stilton, Montgomery, Cheddar and American Cheese.

Could we stomach it?
(Image: Man V. Food)

In between any cheese-infused burger is a opposite covering of meat, including a large apple prohibited dog, sugar roasted ham, smoked ham, fry turkey, streaky bacon, chilli, plight and tomato all really clever offset between a soothing brioche bun.

To assistance rinse it down, a supersize burger also comes with a whole pint of slimey cheddar cheese salsa (a bit like a one during Shake Shack, though most reduction processed), and some fries and onion rings for good measure.

It’s bigger than his head!
(Image: Man V. Food)

The beefed-up burger is a brainchild of Food Network and The Roadhouse and has been combined to applaud a launch of a new array of Man V. Food, definition it’s got a central stamp of capitulation from new horde Casey Webb.

Sadly, you’ll need to conduct to London to try out a outrageous burger, that is accessible for £30 from a Roadhouse grill from now until Feb 16th (or we get it giveaway if we finish it within 15 mins).

All of this – in underneath 15 minutes
(Image: Man V. Food)

Although after perplexing it out for ourselves – and handling to assimilate 4 out of 5 of a patties and feeling really ill for a rest of a day – we suggest pity a outrageous (yet tasty) mixture with your friends, and bursting a £30 cost tag.

Mmmm cheese sauce
(Image: Man V. Food)

If we can’t utterly stomach a disposition building of patties, don’t fret, as Feb appears to equal burger season…

McDonalds have also only denounced a supersized chronicle of their Big Mac for the 50th anniversary, or, if we wait until Feb 14th, Subway have buy one get one free on all their 6 in. subs. Wahey!

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