Local Dairy Queen owners giving second chances

JEFFERSONVILLE — Jennifer Shamburger didn’t demur when a executive of a Bliss House, a Jeffersonville obsession liberation home, asked her if she could sinecure their residents.

The Dairy Queen franchisee owners knew what it was like for those struggling with piece abuse. Some of her family members have left by a same thing.

“I consider everybody deserves a second chance. We make mistakes,” Shamburger said.

For a past 9 years or so, she has been employing people recuperating from or now traffic with addiction. Many of them come from a Bliss House or Serenity House, an alcoholism diagnosis module for group located in Jeffersonville.

They work on a front lines of Shamburger’s East 10th Street restaurant: manning her money registers and attending to her expostulate through.

“They are good workers,” she said. “Great personalities, and a customers, they adore them and they ask for them when they’re not there.”

She pronounced she knows that some internal employers are wavering to sinecure former piece abusers.

“…They’re fearful that they’re going to not uncover up, they’re going to take from them,” she said. “That’s not true.”

But Shamburger does some-more than only sinecure people in recovery. She helps them in each approach she can.


Dairy Queen 02

Desaree Brown pulls a burger for a drive-thru sequence while operative during Dairy Queen in Jeffersonville. Brown, a connoisseur of a Bliss House in March, was hired by franchisee owners Jennifer Shamburger and has worked during a plcae for a past 10 months. 

Desaree Brown has been operative during a Dairy Queen for 10 months. She graduated from a Bliss House in March.

Bliss House residents are compulsory to get jobs while vital during a liberation place, though those jobs have to work around their schedules, that embody liberation classes and curfews.

Shamburger worked closely with Brown to safeguard she could always make it to Bliss House events. Shamburger also took an seductiveness in Brown’s liberation journey, Brown said.

“[Shamburger] honestly asks and cares and wants to know how I’m doing, where I’m during and if I’m still going to meetings, if I’m still contacting my sponsor,” she said. “She honestly wants we to do good as a tellurian being.”

At times, Shamburger has even talked employees down from relapsing. She had one lady come to her, observant that she wanted to quit her job.

“I wouldn’t let her leave,” Shamburger said. “I done her lay down. we done her a crater of coffee and everything.”

Shamburger called her dad, who took off work to also lay down and speak with a employee.

The involvement worked, though it wasn’t a final time Shamburger dealt with an romantic worker.

Employees in liberation are mostly frightened when they initial get a pursuit during a Dairy Queen, a grill owners said.

“They’re nervous. They don’t consider they’re going to be means to do it,” she said. “But we try to inspire them.”

Shamburger tells them that she’ll mount by their side.

“You competence make a few mistakes, though it’s going to be all right,” she says. “Everybody creates mistakes.”

Brown remembers being shaken on her initial day on a job.

“I wasn’t unequivocally employable before, we know,” she said. “…I was fearful we was going to let [Shamburger] down.”

Brown wasn’t giving herself adequate credit.

She’s a form of workman who Shamburger doesn’t have to worry about. She talks to employees when they’re during their grumpiest — in a morning before breakfast.

“She cheers them up,” Shamburger said. “Before they leave, they’ve got a large grin on their face.”


Dairy Queen 03

Desaree Brown enters an sequence during a drive-thru window during Dairy Queen before giving a patron their ice cream. Brown, a connoisseur of a Bliss House, was given a event for practice by DQ franchisee owners Jennifer Shamburger. 

Brown’s success during work came as a warn to her.

“I didn’t comprehend that we had a work ethic that we have,” she said. “And Jen’s been unequivocally supportive. we feel we need to uncover her that we conclude and I’m beholden today.”

Shamburger pronounced her employees mostly change as they swell by a liberation process. She loves being means to see them connoisseur from their liberation programs.

There are times, however, when she has been let down by an employee. Sometimes when she hires a workman in a midst of their addiction, they stop display adult for work.

But a business owners isn’t against to giving anyone another chance. She welcomed one workman behind during slightest 3 times before he stayed.

“He finished adult being unequivocally successful,” she said.

Eventually, he changed on and got a new job. He still earnings to a Dairy Queen each now and afterwards — only to let his former trainer know how he’s doing.

Shamburger’s actions have been an critical partial of many of her employees’ recovery, including Brown’s, whose pursuit increased her self-esteem.

“Like, we can compensate my bills today,” Brown said. “I can yield for my son.”

That, she said, is a large deal.

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