Local acts get boost from Taste of Chicago’s Bud Light Stage

Chicago is carrying a low-pitched rebirth of sorts. No genre has been left untouched, no venue deemed too tiny or too niche for an array of bands and artists holding a theatre in hopes of building a following and name recognition.

While a Taste of Chicago, famous for a smorgasbord of cooking and plenty of tourists, doesn’t immediately come to mind when looking for that launchpad for your new act, eventuality organizers have embraced a sound rumbling usually subsequent a city’s aspect in new years.

The Bud Light Stage has turn a possess showcase of Chicago-based talent, from up-and-comers like stone outfit Bailiff to 20-year maestro Vivian Garcia, carrying taken many forms and names given a pregnancy as partial of a Taste’s lineup in 1980.

Taste of Chicago strain executive Erin Bauer, who has been engagement a theatre given 2009, says it’s critical for a Taste to assistance promote a fan-to-band tie in further to regulating a height to support internal talent.

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