Letters to a Editor: Soldiers accept packages from Niwot Cookie Moms

Editor’s Note: Packages were mailed in early October, and enclosed a duplicate of a Courier.

If we know of any deployed Soldiers/Sailors/Marines/Airmen that would like a package, and have an APO/FPO residence that we can provide, greatfully email editorial@lhvc.com.

I am now deployed to (removed) and we perceived a box of snacks and a minute inside from you,

I review a minute and looked in a journal and it done my day. we could tell that people indeed put bid into this box and it was people we don’t even know.

My buddies and we unequivocally conclude a support from people behind home.

I can’t contend conclude we adequate and conjunction can my buddies for this inexhaustible gift.

I know we brightened all of a soldiers days while we are deployed with caring packages like these. Again conclude we all.

– Joe


I wish to conclude we for a caring package that we perceived by a Niwot Patriotic Moms.

I truly conclude a support and my Marines conclude we as well, as we common a goodies with them. In a box was snacks and Halloween candy as good as stars from continue ripped flags.

I have to contend that in 20 years of use we have never seen that in caring packages. Very cool!

Please conclude everybody that donates their time in putting these packages together, we are appreciated.

So from my Marines and myself, Thank you. Our section is 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Weapons Company and we are formed out of Camp Lejeune, NC. Semper Fi!

MSgt Marlon Romero

Operations Chief Wpns Co.

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