LA’s 8 Best Shakshuka Dishes

Rooted in North African cooking, and now a tack in Israel, Turkey and other Middle Eastern cultures, shakshuka is a one-pot plate that’s as good for cooking as it is for breakfast. That’s due to a eggs, of course, that are baked in a soulful, sharp tomato and red peppers stew, mostly served with yogurt and bread — possibly pita or baguette — on a side for sopping adult each bite. The salsa is baked first, a whole thing gets thrown into a oven to get a eggs customarily firm, sunny-side adult and oozy. With a new Middle Eastern food trend popping adult around LA, it’s not startling that a plate is found on brunch and lunch menus all over town. Here are 10 shakshukas to find in LA now.

The Belvedere: At a newly renovated dining room during a Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, cook David Codney has updated a menu with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean accents from breakfast by dinner. Any morning can start with shakshuka, done with oven-dried tomatoes and roasted peppers; vast pans are prepared for a extravagant Sunday champagne brunch as well. 

9882 S. Santa Monica Blvd.; 310-788-2306

Photo by Lesley Balla

Republique: An charity during a daytime and during brunch, Walter Manzke’s chronicle is comprised of stewed tomatoes and peppers with black kale combined for additional heft. Two eggs are baked in a stew, and it’s surfaced with a somewhat sour yogurt salsa and served with dual hunks of baguette. Dip, bite, repeat.

624 S. La Brea Ave.; 310-362-6115

Baltaire: The Brentwood grill has turn a favorite for brunch, generally for a menu that facilities all from chilaquiles to smoked salmon Benedict and steep confit hash. Shakshuka fits right in on a globally desirous menu — the baked eggs nestled in a sharp tomato salsa with chickpeas and feta. 

11647 San Vicente Blvd.; 424-273-1660

Photo pleasantness Maré

Maré: Eric Greenspan dolls adult shakshuka with an orange puttanesca and tops it with ribbons of carrots and crème fraîche. You’ll customarily find it on a lunch menu during a new Santa Monica location.

502 Santa Monica Blvd.; 310-917-6671

Terrine: Chef Kris Morningstar creates “eggs in purgatory,” named for a sharp tomato sauce. It’s some-more Italian-inspired than Middle Eastern, with fennel pollen, pecorino and crostini. The plate is a tack on a weekend brunch menu.

8265 Beverly Blvd.; 323-746-5130

Photo pleasantness Momed

Momed: Both a Beverly Hills strange and a dark Atwater Village plcae — a latter carrying one of a loveliest patios in city — serves a ideal delivery of shakshuka in a cast-iron pan, with a over-easy organic eggs swimming in a tomato and peppers ragu, with baby kale and tzatziki. It comes with warmed flatbread for dipping.

3245 Casitas Ave.; 323-522-3488

FIG: Chef Yousef Ghalaini makes a normal shakshuka with chickpeas and grilled bread for a weekend brunch menu during a Fairmont Miramar restaurant. It doesn’t come with a bread balloon that’s garnered a lot of regard — fundamentally a warm, puffed-up slot bread — though we should sequence it on a side anyway.

101 Wilshire Blvd.; 310-319-3111

Lodge Bread Company: Don’t trust a singular online menu for this Culver City cafe: Aba’s shakshuka is customarily accessible daily. The stewed tomatoes and peppers spiced with cumin and cayenne come surfaced with uninformed eggs and herbs, with a healthy side of that fanciful wild-fermented bread for sopping it all up.

11918 Washington Blvd.; 424-384-5097

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