Kris Jenner Vs. Michael Strahan: Whose Sweet Potato Casserole Is Better?

This is a initial Michael Strahan recipe, and yet we found his instructions a small confusing, we were super excited. We heart a ex-Giant and stream GMA co-host and mostly consternation how he does it all—and when he sleeps.

This isn’t a initial Kris Jenner recipe. We desired her krazy macaroni cheese (with SIX opposite forms of cheeses), yet we weren’t too tender by her surprisingly simple banana bread. Her station record before this honeyed potato snackdown: 1-1.

Their recipes couldn’t be some-more different. Here’s what went down.


Technically, Kris’s image is a honeyed potato souffle. So there are no marshmallows or nuts, and it’s some-more eggy in nature. Does it still ambience like dessert? Considering an part list with 2 sticks butter, ½- to 1-lb brownish-red sugarine (her recipe is unclear), 2 cups granulated sugar, and a can of honeyed precipitated milk…the answer is YES, definitely.

Here’s how a routine goes:

  1. Boil potatoes until soft, afterwards mislay skins and mash.
  2. Add melted butter, sugars, precipitated milk, vanilla and spices.
  3. Stir in beaten eggs.
  4. Pour reduction into a souffle image and bake for 1 hour.
    1. Said reduction was super lax when we poured it into a baking dish, so we were flattering nervous. In hindsight, we would’ve beaten a eggs more, until they were pale. (Kris, we wish we would’ve told us to do this!) In a finish though, all worked out. The souffle didn’t poof, per se, yet it baked by and everybody was into a well-spoken as ruin texture.


      Sweet potato stew traditionalists will expected ride to Michael’s dish. But be warned! Though it has a marshmallows and pecans, there’s distant reduction sugarine and butter. 3 to 5 tablespoons of brownish-red sugarine (the GMA co-host says it’s “to taste”) and usually ½ hang butter (so 4 times reduction than Kris’).

      Other engaging mixture that Michael adds: orange extract (also to taste?!) and maple syrup. We’re into a ideas of both, yet we wished he was a small some-more transparent of when to supplement a syrup. At one indicate he says to “add all mixture yet marshmallows and cinnamon” yet after he says to tip with pecans and drizzle with syrup.

      Although we wouldn’t call his recipe healthy by any means, ambience testers suspicion it did ambience lighter and reduction decadent than a Kardashian mom’s. We could see this being a vital and for some people—especially honeyed potato stew skeptics.


      Kris wins by a landslide, for ambience and texture. Everyone desired a nutmeg and cinnamon and went crazy over a dish’s creaminess. (We think a honeyed precipitated divert was a vital cause in that.) People would eat and didn’t mind Michael’s on their Thanksgiving plate, yet it didn’t seem like anyone would be creation it either.

      More zoo ...

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