Kiwis adore their chips and dip

Whether it’s a residence celebration or usually a discerning catch-up, food dips can be a ideal snack. But a new consult by consumer investigate and ratings association Canstar Blue shows that New Zealand is a nation divided between those who strech for healthy or diseased dipping options.

The national survey, of roughly 1,500 adults who have bought and eaten any form of food drop over a final 3 months, found that Kiwis are some-more expected to suffer their favourite essence with potato chips rather than vegetables. 69% suffer eating drop with potato chips, while 58% like it with vegetables.

However, there were some noticeably opposite dipping preferences reported in a regions, with consumers in Waikato a many expected to go with chips (79%) and among a slightest expected to strech for veggies (54%).

Meanwhile those from Taranaki (75%) were a many prone to strech for vegetables, though equally expected to be enticed by a parcel of chips (75%). Respondents from Northland were a slightest expected to go for a healthier choice (51%).

New Zealand’s food dipping preferences

Enjoy to drop with / Potato chips / Vegetables

Auckland / 65% / 61%

Waikato / 79% / 54%

Wellington / 66% / 55%

Canterbury / 71% / 58%

Otago / 75% / 54%

Bay of Plenty / 63% / 60%

Manawatu-Wanganui / 76% / 57%

Northland / 70% / 51%

Hawke’s Bay / 58% / 58%

Taranaki / 75% / 75%

Source: Canstar Blue consult of 1,486 adults, Mar 2016.

Canstar New Zealand General Manager, Jose George, pronounced there were also some engaging differences between a generations and genders.

“Young Gen Y Kiwis are many some-more expected than their relatives or grandparents to strech for a potato chips, though baby boomers are indeed a slightest expected to go for vegetables,” he said. “Perhaps reduction startling is that group are keener on chips and women some-more expected to squeeze some veggies.”

Enjoy to drop with / Potato chips / Vegetables

Gen Y / 74% / 58%

Gen X / 68% / 62%

Baby Boomers / 60% / 54%

Male / 71% / 50%

Female / 67% / 65%

Source: Canstar Blue consult of 1,486 adults, Mar 2016.

New Zealand’s favourite drop brands

Survey respondents were also asked to rate a code of drop they many recently purchased on factors like a taste, hardness and either they suspicion it was good value for money.

Ten opposite brands featured in a results, though usually Mediterranean achieved five-star reviews for ambience and texture. It also scored tip outlines on value, accumulation and packaging, while a usually other tip outlines went to Just Hummus on value and Lisa’s for variety.

“When it comes to food dips, it’s unequivocally all about a taste. And no matter what people select to drop with, it’s transparent that Mediterranean has struck a winning change between peculiarity and price.”

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