Kim Kardashian West Cooks Up a Massive Feast Just Days After Welcoming Third Child

Southern comfort food is on a menu for a newly-expanded West family!

On Wednesday night, 3 days after welcoming her third child and second daughter with father Kanye West via surrogateKim Kardashian West flaunted her cooking abilities on Instagram in a vital way. The Keeping Up With a Kardashians star, who is known for her “soul food” feasts, showed off trays of homemade fried chicken and roasted Jamaican jerk chicken, along with macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and more.

“Cooking tonight!!!,” a 37-year-old captioned a video stirring some super-creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, followed by a pot of immature beans she had on a stove tip cooking in bacon.

For a categorical event, Kardashian got all a mixture prepared to make a Jamaican jerk chicken—which she says she usually recently schooled how to make. For this recipe, she roasts a duck in her massive, industrial-strength convection oven, afterwards tosses it in a salsa of simmered uninformed spices and vegetables.

And, of course, there’s also a decadent honeyed potato soufflé, that is a Kardashian family favorite.

Next adult a star common a “special key” to creation her cornbread. She initial coated a muffin cups in butter, followed by sugarine “so it’s crispy all a approach around,” she explained in her Instagram story.

She also combined a small something additional to make a recipe complete: “Honey goes on tip only to make it additional sweet!” she said.

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“This is by distant my favorite partial of a kitchen—our fryer for a boiled duck to go in,” she said.

And if it seems like Kardashian is a seasoned pro in a kitchen, it’s given she has years of cooking experience. “You guys don’t understand, I’ve been creation this food given high school, so when we started this post all of my high propagandize friends were DM’ing me saying, ‘Blast from a past!,’” she says.

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Though we still don’t know a name of a Kardashian-West family’s newest small one, one thing is for certain: She will be good fed!

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