Katy Perry competence only be anti-Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino

Over a past few days, a universe has seen a lot of baristas with pink-stained hands and folks sipping extravagantly colorful Starbucks’ drinks. 

Blame a company’s singular book Unicorn Frappuccino: a mixture of syrup and sweetened powders that’s ideally crafted for your Instagram and has everybody going somewhat insane—everyone solely Katy Perry that is. 

The thespian snapped her unicorn knowledge and it seems like she isn’t going to be going for a second one any time soon. 

“I couldn’t hoop celebration my possess blood,” a self-proclaimed unicorn captioned her Instagram video. 

Sip sip….

Image: katy perry/instagram

It seems like an normal snap of someone sipping a latest breakthrough drink, though nah. Instead, Perry gracefully spits out a millennial pinkish libation after only one sip. 

And out it goes.

Image: katy perry/instagram

To a pleasure of some baristas, that’ll be one reduction honeyed splash they have to make this week. 

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