KARE in a Kitchen: Homemade Cheese Fondue

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.,- On this weeks part of KARE in a Kitchen, France 44 cook Peter Cusic shows Alicia Lewis and Sven Sundgaard how to make a juicy homemade cheese fondue.


– 1 halved clove of garlic

– 1/2 bruise Gruyère, grated

– 1/3 bruise Appenzeller, grated

– 1/3 bruise Comté Fleur, grated

– 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

– 1 3/4 crater Felines Jourdan  (or other dry white wine)

– 1/4 teaspoon creatively grated nutmeg

– A dash or dual of Kammer Black Forest Kirschwasser



Turn on fondue pot or feverishness tiny saucepan over low heat. Toss a cheese with a flour. Once fondue pot is hot, massage a interior of a middle saucepan with a peeled garlic. Remove garlic and supplement wine. Bring to a cook and supplement a cheese mixture, one handful during a time.

Stir over low feverishness until well-spoken and cheese is melted and bubbling. Stir in a nutmeg. Add a dash or dual of kirsh and continue stirring until it starts to burble only a bit. Don’t forget to stir frequently.


Suggestions for dipping:

– Pretzels

– Torn baguette

– Roasted vegetables

– Cubed salami

– Cooked ravioli

– Steamed potatoes

– Cornichon

– Sliced apple or pear

– Grapes

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