Jordan Andino’s Sweet Potato Casserole


In a vast blending bowl, brew potato, belligerent pork, Spanish onions, garlic, habanero, oil, 1/4 pounds of melted butter, and deteriorate with salt and peppers and brew all mixture until entirely incorporated and equally distributed. Place on tin foil-lined and oiled roasting rack.

Roast during 375°F for 40 mins or until dim golden brownish-red and charred, mislay from oven and let cold for 10 minutes.

In a vast blending bowl, brew roasted mixture with parsley, bread crumbs, and gravy and brew until all gravy is dripping into a vegetables and meat.

Pour 1/4 bruise of melted butter as bottom for stew plate and place churned vegetables/meat into stew plate and compact.

Bake during 350°F for 25 mins or until a edges start to frail and a tip of a stew starts to get dim brown.

Remove from oven and let cold for 15 mins and enjoy!

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