Jolly Green Giant searches for adore on

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (WDHN) — Move aside Colton Underwood, a new bachelor is creation moves to plant a seeds of adore and reap a harvest.

That’s right, Jolly Green Giant is looking to put down some roots and has taken to to find his soulmate.

Some of his education include:

  • Education: Harvest Business School
  • Body Type: Like Lettuce, he’s shredded
  • Employment: Chief Vegetable Officer

The Giant also is famous for being a “renowned philanthropist, marathon runner, and Guinness World Records™ pretension hilt for formulating a largest portion of immature bean casserole.”

He’s also into healthy living, essay that his favorite splash is “Water. Lots of water.”

Now, if you’re wondering because a illusory impression has an central dating profile, it’s indeed a partial of a partnership between Green Giant® and Anyone who enrolls on Valentine’s Day will get a giveaway one-week reward membership for anyone who uses a formula “GreenGiant.”

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