Jerky competition behind to support 4-H cause

How to make jerky:

Here’s a four-step routine to make jerky:

Selecting and scheming meat

Leaner cuts of beef are a best for creation jerky. If we go to a grocery store, demeanour for a turn roast. If we have venison in a freezer, now is a time to defrost it. Defrost a beef in a refrigerator.

You wish to cut your beef into quarter-inch thick slices after pleat divided additional fat. An electric slicer speeds adult a process. If we don’t have one, use a pointy knife. It’s easier to hand-cut a beef if it is somewhat frozen. Cutting opposite a pellet of a beef creates a jerky easier to lift detached and easier on your teeth.

Clint Perzee’s tip: If we have supportive teeth, we competence wish to use belligerent meat. It’s easier to gnaw than sliced jerky, yet we need a jerky gun to make it.

Seasoning and marinating

Here’s where a experimenting begins. You can brew a few spices and see what we like by hearing and error. Or we can find a recipe that suits your tastebuds online or in a cookbook. Buckland Seasoning Spice sells a accumulation of prepackaged jerky seasoning kits for 25 pounds of beef with instructions.

But once we emanate your marinade, we can lay your sliced beef into a cake vessel or stew dish. Then, flow a brine over a meat, creation certain all slices are lonesome totally and brew thoroughly. Let it soak for during slightest 12 hours and get some sleep.

Clint’s tip: If we are going a hearing and blunder route, make certain we import and record how most we used of any part in your brine regulating a digital kitchen scale. Also, import a beef and magnitude your brine for steady success.

Dehydrating a jerky

After a good night’s sleep, we are finally prepared to start creation your jerky regulating possibly a dehydrator, smoker or normal oven.

If we are regulating a dehydrator, widespread a slices of beef out uniformly on a dehydrator trays. Set a dehydrator during 160 degrees and stagger a trays each hour for even dehydration. It will take about 4 or 5 hours for a beef to dehydrate.

If we are regulating an oven, set it to 160 degrees and leave a doorway somewhat burst for airflow. You can fibre your sliced meats by a oven abrade or we can place them on a cookie tray.

Clint’s tip: Do not let a beef overlap. It will meddle with a dehydration process. Remove beef from a dehydrator, stove or smoker when it is no longer soothing and only starts to moment when bending.


After hours of work, it’s finally time to punch into your homemade jerky. You can store it in a refrigerator.

Clint’s tip: Making jerky is something that we can do on your possess with whatever flavors we want, as dainty as we wish it. Enter your jerky in a contest. You have a possibility to win prizes and bragging rights for your work.

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