Jason Day says burrito-wielding Bubba Watson is a disorderly visitor to PGA Tour’s RV community

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. — Jason Day has never been happier to have his RV during a golf contest than this week. Battling Long Island trade has turn a large subject in a Shinnecock Hills media core this week (at least, among a media), though it’s not problem for a former World No. 1.

“I consider a lot of people have been struggling with trade entrance into it, and I’m 30 seconds divided from a parking lot,” Day said, “which is nice.”

Good for you, Jason. Good for you. . .

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But that’s not a indicate of this post. The indicate of this post is that a PGA Tour’s RV village welcomed a visitor this year. He’s a two-time Masters champ — and apparently, he’s kind of a slob. So on a Tuesday before the 2018 U.S. Open, Day told a humorous story involving Bubba Watson, a burrito and his roving home. Take it away, Jason:

“Bubba only got one this year, and I’m really kind of some-more private, and he’s — he’s — yeah, he’s a small bit some-more outgoing,” Day starts. “And we consider we’re during Augusta, and he walks underneath my bus, and he’s like, ‘hey, man, what are we doing?’ I’m only sitting in a train examination TV. He’s like okay. And he’s station there. And I’m like, ‘do we wish to come inside?’ And he’s eating a burrito, and he decides to come in and speak to me for about 30 minutes. He gets his burrito all over a belligerent and afterwards only leaves. Actually, it’s good to have people like that around, we know, to disaster your train adult when we need them to.”

Bubba was not immediately accessible to endorse or repudiate this accusation. But a Bubba eating burritos during a Masters story checks out.

So there we have it. Bubba Watson is fundamentally a Kramer of a PGA Tour’s RV community.

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