Jacques Kelly: For Baltimore Restaurant Week, remembering a eateries no longer with us

It’s Baltimore Restaurant Week, and I’m indulging in some thoughts of where I’d go — if usually these places had not sealed years ago.

I’d start off with a skinny buckwheat pancakes during a aged Woman’s Industrial Exchange on Charles Street and maybe lapse during lunch for those homemade, yeasty rolls, duck salad and tomato aspic. Dessert? Yes, greatfully — charlotte russe.

For a cheese omelet, I’d go to a Town and Country Room, a congested and mad lunchroom on South Street nearby a Inner Harbor. The lima bean soup was fabulous, supposing we like lima beans.

Horn and Horn on East Baltimore Street nearby Guilford Avenue was mobbed during lunchtime. No wonder. we would sequence sliced fry duck on a baking powder biscuit, maybe with boiled eggplant. The homemade vanilla ice cream there was unusual: It contained little specks of ice, along with specks of vanilla bean. There was also light chocolate, strawberry and coffee ice cream.

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