It’s Not Hyperbole: Joe Hnizdo is a World’s Strongest Firefighter

Last Aug was a large month for internal firefighter Joe Hnizdo. He trafficked to Las Angeles for a World Police and Firefighter Games and to Houston as partial a Texas Search and Rescue group in a arise of Hurricane Harvey. In Las Angeles, he carried some-more weight than any firefighter in his division. In Houston, he saw sights that left a durability impression.

“That was a totally opposite knowledge in my career to go by and do all that we did and see all that we saw down there,” he pronounced of his Houston experience.

That is only a glance during a multifaceted life of Hnizdo. He trains 5 days a week and is on a 4,000-calorie-per-day diet. Power lifting is tough work, though it is not distinct his work with a Flower Mound Fire Department.

“A lot of firefighters get into certain situations and we have to pull past what we consider is normal,” Hnizdo says. “Sometimes you’ve got to work harder than we consider we can or learn to control your respirating better, and so that’s since we consider a lot of us suffer a gym so many since it’s that same kind of thing.” 

Johnnie Jackson, eminent bodybuilder, tutor and owners of JOJ Fitness, helps Hnizdo pull past “normal.” He says that a firefighter is apparently strong, though many importantly, he is teachable. 

“It’s some-more than only lifting stuff,” Jackson says. “People consider that we have to demeanour a certain approach to lift weights, though we demeanour a certain approach since your intelligent adequate to get your physique to demeanour that way. If it was easy, everybody would be walking around in shape.”

 Hnizdo trains during JOJ Fitness in Hurst, only blocks from where he grew up. He graduated from Bell High School and subsequently AM University before going to glow propagandize in Fort Worth. He now lives in Fort Worth with his mother of 11 years and 3 daughters – a 7 year aged and twin 3 year olds.

As for his day job, it meshes good with his passion for weight lifting. Jackson gives Hnizdo examination routines that he can do during his glow station. Of course, we can’t win an general foe though your coworkers noticing. Hnizdo says he has been theme to some witty jabs, though that overall, his associate Flower Mound firefighters have been unequivocally understanding of his endeavors.   

“They give me a tough time about it, though that’s what firemen do, we give any other a tough time about everything,” Hnizdo says. “The improved it is, a some-more they’ll give we a tough time about it. If they’re not giving we a tough time, something’s wrong.”

 His best in foe was a 551 dais and 680 deadlift, though when we ask what his max is, he overtly doesn’t know. And to Hnizdo, that is ideally fine. He believes, only as Jackson said, it’s not about a weight, it’s about how we lift it. His recommendation to anyone looking to lift is this: 

“Don’t lift with your ego, lift with your brain. we can do some-more [weight] each singular time, though that doesn’t meant I’m going to do it right.”

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