It’s National Garlic Day. Who Is Making Up These Weird Holidays?


Not certain if we knew this though currently is National Garlic Day. Tomorrow is National High Five Day. Saturday is National Jelly Bean Day. The list goes on. Kenny Malone from a Planet Money podcast wanted to find out who is behind these uncanny holidays.

KENNY MALONE, BYLINE: There’s an essay from over a hundred years ago angry about National Raisin Day, about how it is only a shameless graduation by a raisin growers. And so yeah, some of these holidays are combined for accurately a reason we consider – shameless promotion. And sometimes…



MALONE: …Even lawmakers get involved.


UNIDENTIFIED POLITICIAN: we arise currently to speak about National Golf Day.

MALONE: For years, a U.S. Congress was a holiday factory. They call them commemorative periods. And legislators went a small crazy with them in a 1980s. The rise of this was during a 1985-86 congressional session.

During that time, 1 in each 3 laws determined something like National Air Traffic Control Day or National Bowling Week. It got so bad that a House of Representatives eventually pronounced enough, we’re not doing this anymore.

HOLLY MCGUIRE: Right. And people started submitting to us to kind of fill that void.

MALONE: This is Holly McGuire If we wish to make adult a holiday, we wish her blessing. McGuire is a editor-in-chief of a large book called “Chase’s Calendar Of Events.”

MCGUIRE: It’s really heavy. we haven’t weighed it. It’s 752 pages.

MALONE: The book started as a approach for news organizations to keep lane of tangible holidays. But afterwards during some point, “Chase’s” began usurpation submissions for what McGuire calls special days.

MCGUIRE: You know, one we had sincerely recently – or in a final few years is National Argyle Day, a day in – (laughter) since are we laughing?

MALONE: It’s fine. It’s fine. we adore argyle though we only didn’t consider it indispensable a day. But satisfactory enough.

MCGUIRE: Well, OK. It’s in January, when we competence need some splendid argyle to liven your day.

MALONE: She says many special days in a book come from dual places – advocacy groups looking to lift recognition about an issue, so National Stop Bullying Day, for example. And afterwards there are a lot of holidays that only come from unchanging people who make them adult for fun.

Adrienne, how many holidays have we created?

ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH: Nineteen-hundred though there’s more.


MALONE: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is one of a many inclusive holiday creators. She’s in her 60s, lives in Chicago. She started submitting holiday ideas to “Chase’s” in a 1990s. She thinks it’s critical to applaud typical things and so she’s come adult with what she calls holidates (ph) that applaud all from a penny to a final name Smith.

KOOPERSMITH: The typical things in life we have found are only as critical as winning a lottery since these are a small things in life that get we by to a subsequent moments.

MALONE: So where do holidays come from? Companies, sure, association infrequently though a genuine holiday bureau is a lady in Chicago with a list of roughly 2,000 of her dear holidates.

Ready? Jul 2, Take A Starving Artist Out To Lunch Day. Jul 9, International Teen Idol Day. Jul 16, Sports Club Day. Jul 23, Belle Of The Ball Day. Jul 30, King Biscuit Day.

Kenny Malone, NPR News.

February 6, PAC – Pay A Compliment Day.

KOOPERSMITH: Oh, yeah, that one was picked adult by “Chase’s Calendar Of Events.”

MALONE: Really?

KOOPERSMITH: Pay A Compliment Day. Oh, yeah. That’s a large day.


MADONNA: (Singing) Holiday.

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