IT’S A GREAT LIFE: Time to set a story true on a initial thanksgiving

Happy birthday, St. Augustine.

If I’m not mistaken, and we positively could be given my math skills are zero to write home about, currently is No. 453 on a anniversary scale of a initial of a good city. There’s a lot going on to applaud this useful occasion.

Granted, it’s not like a 400th or a 450th, though for visitors today’s jubilee provides a glance of what happened on Sept. 8, 1565, when Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles and his jubilee arrived in this pleasing place. A re-enactment starts during 10 a.m. currently on a drift of a Mission of Nombre de Dios, when a Spaniards will come ashore. Mass follows on a Mission drift during 11 a.m.

After a Mass, a jubilee continues during a Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, with a approach heading a approach from a Mission drift of a FOY property. (There is no acknowledgment for a events on a Mission grounds, though there is acknowledgment to FOY Park.)

And it’s on a FOY drift where a story books need to take note and do a small rewriting. Because, as a late historian Dr. Michael Gannon emphasized on countless occasions, Sept. 8, 1565, is when a really, unequivocally authentic initial invocation feast was held. That’s when a Timucuans, who were inhabiting this land when a Spaniards arrived, were assimilated by a Spaniards.

Today, re-enactors representing a Indians and members of a Historic Florida Militia’s Men of Menendez portraying a Spaniards will join in a dish of thanksgiving. The open won’t be means to representation a food, usually declare a event. But those watching will be means to squeeze a accumulation of dishes accessible on a FOY grounds.

As re-enactor Brian Bowman remarkable final year, this initial invocation cooking didn’t include of turkey, dressing, cranberry salsa and all a trimmings. Nope, Bowman pronounced it would have been a multiple of Spanish and Indian foods: corn and internal diversion from a Indians; and garbanzo beans, salt pork, fish, etc., from a Spanish.

I don’t know about you, though it all sounds flattering good and competence be a lot easier to ready than turkey, dressing, crushed potatoes, honeyed potato casserole, etc. Anyway we get a picture.

The usually thing we wonder: Did a Indians and Spaniards have any pumpkin or pecan pie? If not, maybe there was a square or dual of apple cake around. After all, they were in what was to turn America, and as a observant goes — there is zero some-more American than apple pie, right?


Anne C. Heymen was compared with The St. Augustine Record for 49 years in sum before timid in Feb 2014 as facilities editor. Her mainstay runs in The Record on swap Saturdays.

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