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SINGAPORE: Salads have beefed up, literally. And it is not only flame-grilled steaks that have been combined to a entire bed of arugula leaves.

Pop into any salad stop along a Shenton Way belt and we will see that they have developed to embody mixture such as smoked duck, sous vide duck breast, pulled pork, onsen eggs, pasta, brownish-red rice, soba and quinoa, to name a few.

Resembling upmarket cai fan (Chinese for mercantile rice) than salad, these go-to lunch options for a bustling and health-conscious throng are also famous as macro bowls, so named for mixing macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fat – in a bowl, pronounced Ms Bibi Chia, principal dietitian from Raffles Hospital’s Diabetes Endocrine Centre.

Customers typically fill adult a form to customise their macro bowls, that generally embody of grain-based carbohydrates, a plant- or meat-based protein, and fat from a salsa and topping.

Customers typically fill in an sequence piece to customise their macro bowls. (Photo: Pixabay/alphacreativa)

These one-dish dishes seem good offset from the opening though they can emanate a fake clarity of confidence that we have done a healthy lunch choice, pronounced experts. Here is a demeanour during some of a missteps and how we can sequence a improved macro bowl.


Macro bowls can tip your calorie change over if we are not clever with a portion, pronounced Ms Chia. “Macro bowls can come in vast portions and hence, people competence be over-consuming calories from good food,” she said.

As a guide, pronounced Ms Chia, fill a entertain of your image or play with carbohydrates, another entertain with protein, and half with vegetables. “In general, a sum calories for that dish should be reduction than 500 calories,” she said.

The volume of calories we need also depends on your day’s activities. “Pick a tiny or unchanging distance if we are comparatively sedentary for that day. If we have or are about to do a complicated workout, we can opt for a middle or vast serving,” pronounced Ms Jaclyn Reutens, dietitian with Aptima Nutrition and Sports Consultants.

Be unwavering of portion. (Photo: Pixabay/bohed)


Would we cruise beans, edamame and chickpeas as vegetables or protein? If we answer vegetables, we have to relook a apportionment of protein in your order.

“Beans, edamame and chickpeas are protein that are mostly mistaken for vegetables. So if we sequence some-more than dual protein items, we will unknowingly boost your fat intake as these dishes also enclose fat,” pronounced Ms Reutens.

Her tip is to keep to one or dual protein equipment from options such as beef steak, salmon fillet, tuna flakes, duck breast, edamame, tempeh, tofu, chickpeas, hummus, nuts, seeds and beans.

Legumes like chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans are sources of protein too. (Photo: Pixabay/821292)


It can be too many of a good thing when it comes to vegetables. “You can finish adult feeling magisterial from too many tender vegetables. Remember, it’s all about balance,” pronounced Ms Reutens.


There is a bent to skip carbs meditative it competence be healthier for you, pronounced Ms Reutens. “However, we might finish adult feeling peckish one to dual hours after your dish and finish adult reaching for a cookie or chocolate.”

Pick one or dual carb dishes from examples such as are honeyed potato, potato, quinoa, couscous, brownish-red rice, pumpkin and pasta.

“Note that [root vegetables like] pumpkin, honeyed potato and potato are deliberate carbs and not vegetables,” she said. Quinoa, that some people cruise of as a protein, is indeed a carb, she added.

Root vegetables like honeyed potato are deliberate a source of carbs. (Photo: Pixabay/Einladung zum Essen)


Dressings such as garlic soy, Thai chilli salsa and ponzu are common in places that offer macro bowls. They might be healthy since they are not done with eggs, cream or mayonnaise. Still, try not to bucket adult on a dressing.

“At times, an olive oil-based salsa can also be high in calories if many of it is done of oil,” pronounced Ms Chia.

When in doubt, cruise dressings with spices and those that are “more glass in nature”. Options that are reduction tawny and ambiguous embody vinaigrette, lemon juice, and herbed Italian dressings, pronounced Ms Reutens.

“Alternatively, ask for a salsa on a side and use it sparingly,” pronounced Ms Chia.


The toppings are a approach to supplement some-more nutrients to your macro bowl, pronounced Ms Reutens. “A trace of seeds like chia or sunflower supplement zinc, potassium and healthy fats to your bowl. Dried fruit like raisins or cranberries supplement additional Vitamin C and iron to a mix.”

Try to equivocate bacon bits, croutons, boiled onions, sausages and green cream as they are high in sodium and fat, generally jam-packed fat, pronounced Ms Reutens.


Steering transparent of deep-fried dishes is one approach to sequence a healthier image from a mercantile rice stall. (Photo: Khoo Bee Khim)

What we can get nutritionally from a economy rice case is not too opposite from a macro bowl, if we know what to order, pronounced Ms Reutens. And we would substantially compensate during slightest half a price. Here are some tips from her:

  • Fill a entertain of your image with rice. That is your carbs for a meal.
  • Choose a healthy protein dish; dual if we are operative out that day to feed your muscles. Healthy protein examples embody stir-fried duck in a brownish-red gravy, stir-fried pig with ginger, stir-fried beef with black bean sauce, steamed fish, tofu, ikan bilis, steamed egg or stir-fried chilli sotong. Steer transparent of deep-fried and greasy dishes such as honeyed and green pork, lemon chicken, omelette and duck curry.
  • Opt for dual unfeeling dishes. Ask a case partner to take vegetables from a tip of a raise as many of a oil would collect during a bottom of a platter. Avoid a curried vegetables or those dripping in sambal.
  • Decline to have some-more gravy. That will save we a sodium and fat sneaking in many gravies.

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