Is Farrah Abraham’s Frozen Yogurt Shop Still Open? FroCo Serves Dessert With A Side Of ‘Teen Mom’ Drama

For fans still loyally examination Teen Mom OG (hands up), you’ll know that Farrah Abraham’s solidified yogurt shop has been a vital tract indicate for a argumentative existence star this season. (You know, in between a world’s many unnecessarily thespian fights with her boyfriend, Simon Saran.) The past dual episodes have shown Abraham opening adult a Austin-based shop, removing into an evidence with and firing an employee, and wearing swirly-printed sunglasses — that, try as they competence — did not indeed attain in enthralling viewers into similar with anything that she was saying. With a disaster that a froyo store is, it has to be asked: Is FroCo still open?

The answer to that, my equally as Teen Mom spooky friends, is approbation it is. AND YOU CAN VISIT IT. Literally go to Austin right now and we too can get some soft-serve in a crater with a side of Abraham yelling at her employees, as many people who left one-star reviews on Yelp explain to have done. (TBH, I’m flattering certain a existence star lives in L.A. now — or during slightest splits her time there — so while we might not get to see Abraham in a flesh, we can really still nom some solidified yogurt and sight that creepy Coba a Boba mascot.)

Not that you’d indispensably wish to go, though. While some Yelp reviews are OK — as in, “this ice cream is flattering standard” — many are a outrageous dressing-down of Abraham and an admonishment of a whole establishment. One claimed Abraham threw “the biggest fit distracted during an employee” and added, “This literally was a many juvenile outrageous arrangement we could imagine. The yogurt was so so.” Bustle has reached out to Abraham about a Yelp reviews, though has not nonetheless perceived a response.

But guys, there is even a Froco University (I child we not): “Get a genuine debate with a owner, and accept an in-depth pamphlet of information, including: numbers, food reserve pointers, tips on what it takes to run a business, and genuine life examples from a owner,” the site boasts. It costs $200 and we theory Farrah Abraham herself would be there to give we a tour.

In a mood for some froyo and Teen Mom drama? Head on down to FroCo in Austin — and for a adore of God, greatfully leave a Yelp review.

Image: MTV

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