Irish blackberry jam and custard donuts recipe

Celebrating National Cream-filled Donut day with a many Irish of chefs and a many Irish and fall-like flavors! Blackberries and custard… oh a nostalgia. Thanks to Donald Skehan for this one.

Picking blackberries always brings behind lustful memories for me and nonetheless we am intensely lustful of a good aged apple and blackberry pie, any year we try and come adult with new recipes.

This year it’s all about a doughnuts; a ideal proposal and comfortable vessel to guzzle gummy blackberry jam! Just in box they weren’t indulgent adequate already, I’ve combined a honeyed vanilla custard to make them totally irresistible!

Makes 12 doughnuts


1 1/4lb plain flour, and additional for dusting
1 4/5oz caster sugar
2 x 1/5oz sachets of easy brew dusty yeast
1/2 crater milk
2 vast eggs
1 4/5oz butter, melted
Sunflower oil, for frying
For a filling:
4/5 crater milk
1 4/5oz caster sugar
3 vast egg yolks
1 tbsp cornflour
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Blackberry jam, stretched by a sieve


To make a doughnuts, place a flour, caster sugarine and leavening in a vast blending play and make a good in a center.

Add a milk, eggs, and butter to a play together with 1/2 crater of H2O and, regulating your hands or a wooden spoon, brew a reduction until we have a dough. It is a small gummy to work with though conflict adding too most additional flour.

Turn a brew out onto a floured work aspect and stimulate for 8–10 mins until it becomes well-spoken and elastic. Form a brew into a well-spoken round and place it behind in a bowl. Cover with adhere film and leave in a warm, dim place to arise for about 50 mins until a brew has doubled in size.

When a brew has risen, punch it down and order into 12 equal pieces and figure into balls. Transfer them to a baking tray dusted with a small flour, cover with a damp cloth and leave to arise again for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, ready a custard filling. Place a divert in a saucepan and kindly feverishness until it only boiling, afterwards mislay from a heat.

Whisk a caster sugarine and egg yolks in a play until they are dark and afterwards brew by a cornflour. Slowly flow a prohibited divert into a egg mixture, whisking until it is all incorporated.

Pour a reduction behind into a saucepan and prepare over a low heat, whisking until thickened. Remove from a feverishness and massage a tip with a small butter to forestall a skin forming, concede to cold and cover with adhere film.

Firm adult in a fridge.

Cook a doughnuts in batches in a deep-fat fryer or a vast saucepan filled with sunflower oil during 356°F for 2–3 mins on possibly side or until golden brown.

Drain on a image lined with kitchen paper and concede to cool.

Transfer a custard to a piping bag propitious with a plain 5mm projection and inject it into a side of any doughnut. Repeat this routine with a blackberry jam. The doughnuts are best eaten true away!

Donal Skehan is a home cook, food author and radio presenter who has created 5 cookbooks. He presents a TV uncover Kitchen Hero on RTÉ One in Ireland, Grandma’s Boy on FOX International and is a decider on BBC’s Junior MasterChef. Check out Donal’s Facebook, Twitter, and website and make certain to subscribe to his youtube channel for some-more culinary tips, recipes, and food travels.

* Originally published in 2015.

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