Inaugural Chicago Halal Festival Expects 20000 People during Navy Pier

The organizers of a inaugural I Heart Halal Festival design 20,000 people to attend a three-day eventuality slated for Apr during Chicago’s Navy Pier. The expo, that will spotlight Halal food, fashion, and other products, is billed as a initial of a kind in America. It’s modeled after a long-running London Muslim Lifestyle Show.

The event, Apr 13 to 15, will underline 20 to 25 internal food vendors, giving a festival a Taste of Chicago feel with halal food. Organizers aren’t prepared to name participants, though they wish diversity. They’ll have some-more than shawarma and South Asian food. Research has showed that halal food consumers wish burgers, pizzas, and prohibited dogs, too. The festival is carefree to attract non-halal restaurants to “go halal for a weekend.” By display a open how easy it is to use halal products, they wish to inspire some-more restaurants to offer halal food. Locally, Epic Burger has embraced a plan as a Chicago sequence serves halal burgers.

“The Muslim consumer in North America currently is like each other person,” pronounced Asma Ahad, one of a event’s house of directors. “They wish everything; they’re not singular to normal racial cuisine.”

Likewise, grill supply sequence is prepared to accommodate a direct for some-more halal food in America, pronounced Ahad. The eventuality will pull several companies who wish to settle relations with restaurants and food use companies such as Aramark. Halal beef is slaughtered in a quite way, in suitability to Muslim beliefs. It also can’t come from a banned animal (no pork).

Ahad points out that many colleges, including a University of Chicago and University of Illinois, have halal food counters that are renouned with Muslims and non-Muslims. New York’s renouned Halal Guys picked Chicago as a initial marketplace outward of The Big Apple to offer gyros.

“Our aim assembly is a millennial race who’s unequivocally open to training and experiencing new things,” she said.

Likewise, general travelers have seen American fast–food chains, like KFC, offer halal options. However, a sequence is gun bashful on dogmatic they have halal options stateside. The festival will hopefully inspire clarity in labeling: many restaurants already offer halal products though won’t tag them, Ahad said.

Originally, a eventuality was to take place in Nov in suburban Schaumburg, though Salman Chaudry, also an eventuality house member, pronounced Navy Pier and downtown Chicago are bigger draws. The Chicago area has a large, different organisation of Muslims including Hispanics, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, African Americans, and South Asians.

Chaudry called halal food “the subsequent evolution” for anyone meddlesome in organic dishes and cleaner living. we Heart Halal will lift recognition by joining business to suppliers.

“We’re anticipating that after a restaurants see a outrageous direct for halal that they’ll think, ‘why not switch?’” he said.

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