Ilegal Mezcal Brand Director Kaylan Rexer Says This Unexpected Ingredient Should Be Your Secret Cooking Weapon

As a code executive behind a politically active and socially unwavering Mezcal brand, Ilegal Mezcal, Kaylan Rexer is obliged for starting movements. From creating a “Donald Eres Un Pendejo” campaign in criticism of U.S. boss Donald Trump to throwing advantage concerts for Planned Parenthood, Rexer has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with not usually in a ethanol business, though also in her community. So, it creates clarity that her favorite food would also have a repute for provision a kick. The one food Rexer could never live without? Chilis (and Mezcal, of course).

Chilis Mezcal Are My Secret Weapons When we Cook

I prepare a lot of Mexican food, and while we do mostly use Ilegal Mezcal since it’s always on palm to marinate a lot, we always use chilis. They indeed go unequivocally good together — we adore a flavors. If I’m cooking something, it’s possibly Mexican or Indian, and both Mezcal and chilis play unequivocally good together. we adore a fume churned with agave flavors of Mezcal, and a spiciness of chili.

I attempted Mezcal for a initial time when we was 18 in Guatemala, and traveling. we sipped on it, afterwards attempted a garland of opposite ones and unequivocally enjoyed it. Chilis were also something we desired from a immature age — we grew adult with hippie parents, and we had an organic plantation in a suburbs of Long Island, and we grew chilis on it. We had chickens and horses. It unequivocally was only perplexing those things and picking them directly from a fields, afterwards saying how my relatives used them and baked with them.

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Chilis are so versatile: we can clout them adult and sauté them, we can things them, we can do a lot with them. They assistance to move out a other flavors in food. They both remind me of my childhood, as good as some of my favorite places that I’ve traveled. So they unequivocally do move out good memories for me.

How Food Has Influenced My Life Work

At Ilegal Mezcal, we do these barkeeper and song trips about once a year. We move a organisation of people possibly to Guatemala or Oaxaca, along with a chef, a band, and a garland of people from a ethanol industry. We have one large plate during a beginning, and one large plate during a end. We put a bottle of Mezcal on a table, a same approach you’d place booze on a table, and only pass it around.

One of my favorite memories is with a cook from New York named Miguel Trinidad — he did one of his Kamayan dinners. He laid out banana leaves, and rice, and all of these opposite vegetables, chilis, and fish. You eat with your hands. So it was a organisation of 30 of us, sitting around a village table, eating with a hands. It was extraordinary food, and we were flitting around bottles of Mezcal. So overtly when we consider about what food and splash meant to me, it’s sitting around a cooking list removing to know a lot of engaging people.

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Chilis Mezcal Helped Me Be Fearless In The Kitchen

If you’re only starting out in a kitchen, we would inspire we to smell everything. we consider people are mostly frightened to get in there, though that’s what we do. Just smell everything, even if you’re frightened of regulating something like sharp chilis or other spices. If it smells good together, it will substantially ambience good together. And don’t be fearful to make mistakes. we like to review recipes, and afterwards arrange of not follow them. Make it adult as we go along!

Part of a reason we work with and adore Ilegal Mezcal in sold is since it unequivocally is partial of so many opposite rituals that engage village — either it’s funerals, or baptisms, or only dinner. So I’m always cooking with chilis and Mezcal, each possibility we get, since it reminds me that we come from a large family, and that food and those noted flavors are always what unequivocally brought everybody together.

As told to Associate Lifestyle Editor Tanya Ghahremani.

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