IHOP’s burger sales quadrupled after the argumentative IHOb name change

IHOP’s preference to temporarily change a name to IHOb had an bomb impact on amicable media. But, many wondered if it would indeed assistance a chain’s sales — or if it could even repairs IHOP’s pancake-centric brand.

On Wednesday, IHOP reported a sales for a entertain and strictly announced a IHOb graduation a success. IHOP’s allied same-restaurant sales increasing 0.7% in a many new quarter.

More importantly in terms of a International House of Burgers, hamburger sales quadrupled following a promotion, contributing to a poignant lift in lunch and cooking sales.

“We consider it was a outrageous success,” IHOP President Darren Rebelez told Business Insider.

IHOP’s “word of mouth” measure skyrocketed following a name change, according to YouGov BrandIndex data, reaching a top levels given late 2012. According to a company, a name change desirous roughly 20,000 news articles and 36 billion social-media impressions.

One of IHOP’s new burgers.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

“I was seeking people, has anyone seen anything bigger than this?” Steve Joyce, a CEO of IHOP primogenitor association Dine Brands , said.

“Literally everybody in a universe now knows that IHOP is now offered burgers,” Rebelez said. “That was idea No. 1. Goal No. 2 was to indeed sell them.”

Rebelez says lunch and cooking sales have “taken off” with a promotion, in a approach that IHOP had struggled to conduct before a name change. Breakfast sales were roughly prosaic during a promotion, according to Joyce, who combined that they have “rebalanced” now that IHOP has returned to a strange name.

IHOP will continue to sell both burgers and pancakes in a issue of IHOb, and it will marketplace itself as a breakfast-centric chain. If zero else, executives say, a IHOb name change both sensitive business that a sequence serves burgers and suggested how sexually people feel about IHOP’s pancakes.

“When we pronounced we were going to flip a B behind to a P, we got a lot of certain view and a lot of people saying, ‘Ah appreciate God, you’re behind to breakfast again,'” Rebelez said. “But, a burger sales have continued.”

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