Iconic Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory shutting after building owners leases skill to a top bidder

BROOKLYN — The iconic Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory will tighten a doors after scarcely dual decades in operation.

Mark Thompson non-stop a Brooklyn Ice cream bureau about 18 years ago in Old Fire Boat House, a chronological landmark from a 20s that sits underneath a Brooklyn Bridge and looks out over a East River. Thompson non-stop usually days after 9/11 when all else was shutting down.

“I consider it was a wise time to open since there was no good news and we were in a right place during a right time,” Thompson said.

Even on a cold day, this iconic Brooklyn mark brings in a crowds.

“Ice cream was something that usually seemed to fit,” pronounced Mark Thompson.

When a Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory initial opened, there were usually dual people operative here and Thompson was one of them. Now he has some-more than 3 dozen employees.

“It’s been an unimaginable time,” Thompson said. “We’ve witnessed a expansion of this area between Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge.”

But after scarcely 18 years, they will be shutting their doors to make approach for a new tenant.

“It’s unequivocally sad. It’s a unequivocally good spot,” pronounced another lady who was walking several dogs underneath a bridge. “That’s New York. A lot of things are changing.”

Local are all informed with a famous spot, though Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, a association that owns a property, put out a request for proposals in Jul has leased to a high bidder. Now, after pulling in some-more than $2 million in sales, Dec. 31 will be a final day for a ice cream factory.

“We’ve been by a lot: Hurricane Sandy 9/11,” Thompson said. “We have a lot of good things to remember about a place. I’m happy we were partial of it.”

He insists there are no tough feelings and skeleton to free elsewhere soon.

“I consider Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory will be somewhere in somebody’s future,” he said.

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