Icicles gets a comfortable welcome

ROLL WITH IT Icicles Ice Cream Roller Rebecca Reynolds works over a cold image vessel scheming an ice cream provide for watchful customers.

What, in one of a coldest weeks of a year, would enforce people to mount in line watchful for ice cream? One of a hottest new businesses in town, Icicles, has been bustling in a initial week of business, portion adult their glacial honeyed treats to a village looking for fun to go with a food.

The disproportion between this and other ice cream shops is that they make a ice cream right there in front of we and solidify it on a cold plate.

Vu Truong and Hieu To, both from San Jose, are new to a ice cream business. Both were fast captivated to a Icicles plcae in Willow Glen, that has turn a place to be for ice cream lovers.

“We did a lot of scouting for locations and we suspicion Gilroy was a ideal location,” pronounced Icicles sequence co-owner Vu Truong. “I also spoke with several teenagers and they pronounced there weren’t a lot of fun places to hang out during in Gilroy.”

Located in a piazza subsequent to a Walmart and opposite a travel from a Costco, Icicles has helped to move some much-needed feet trade to a stores nearby. A provide during Icicles is a healthy motivator for kids being tutored during Mathnasium subsequent door.

Icicles have grown extremely given a launch dual years ago in Willow Glen. With locations in Pleasanton, Mountain View, Cupertino among others, Gilroy has turn a new home for a budding business. It has taken a bit of hearing and error, according to Truong as a association works out a best combinations of flavors, though a bid has been value a work.

What stands out immediately during Icicles is how a ice cream is prepared on a cold image pans. After selecting a flavor–ranging from a Oreo Blast and Cream or a Cereal Killer, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Captain Crunch–the toppings and vanilla custard with cream, sugar, divert and eggs are brought to a cold image pan. Then, a drum crunches adult a toppings and pours a cream onto a plate, that is churned together and pulpy flat. Once a reduction is remade into ice cream, it’s rolled adult and surfaced with total toppings, prepared to eat before your eyes.

“We call it rolling,” Truong said. “We have all kinds of sayings. ‘Would we like to roll,’ ‘High Roller.’ It’s fun,”

With 20 part-time employees–most students and some who are operative their initial job–opening for business has been a challenge. With sharp-witted cocktail song personification on a speakers, Truong and To are perplexing to make a work as fun as possible. Fun itself is one of a arch draws of Icicles and after a healthy initial week in sales, they’re putting a fun into funds.

“I consider what creates us renouned is a routine of how we make a ice cream and that we don’t use preservatives,” Truong said. “It’s a uninformed new experience. It’s opposite and total toppings are wonderful.”

Truong and To have been gratified with their accepting by a Gilroy business community. Icicles has also increased a feet trade for their neighbors.

“There wasn’t a lot of feet trade here before we came along,” To said. “A lot of times business will eat circuitously and come here for dessert.”

For To, trade on Highway 101 was partial of his preference to open Icicles in Gilroy. For him, it’s a retreat invert to Gilroy from San Jose saving him hours squandered time sitting in trade jams.

“If we were to open somewhere around San Francisco we would have spent adult to 3 hours sitting in traffic,” To said. “Instead it’s a half an hour expostulate here from San Jose. we have 3 kids so that time is really critical to me.”

The menu also includes non-dairy and vegan options such as Fruit Roll-Ups that substitutes sorbet for a vanilla custard.

“The sorbet is a slight bit opposite to make, though it fundamentally comes out a same way,” Truong said.

As of yet, nobody has abused a total toppings.

“We have about 15 to 20 opposite toppings, so I’m not certain if we could fit that all into a cup,” Truong said.


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