Ice cream review: Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark

Even after being let down by a miss of peppermint candy in Stop Shop’s Holiday Peppermint ice cream sandwiches I reviewed a few weeks ago, we still had high hopes when we saw Haagen-Dazs’ Peppermint Bark season during a grocery store.

I feel like I’ve been definition to try this season perpetually and it only never happened, nonetheless after so many years of essay a column, there’s a slight probability we did examination it and only don’t remember.

This anniversary season from Haagen-Dazs has been around for utterly a while and facilities white chocolate ice cream, dim chocolate chunks and peppermint candy.

We’ll start with a white chocolate ice cream, that to me tastes like a unequivocally honeyed vanilla ice cream. The hardness is abounding and tawny and adult to Haagen-Dazs customary of peculiarity ice cream. No complaints.

I was awaiting a lot of small dejected adult peppermint pieces, though what we get are hulk chunks of peppermint. we was really agreeably astounded with a distance and apportion of peppermint chunks in a ice cream.

It wouldn’t be peppermint bellow though dim chocolate and there is a lot of that in this pint as well, though not utterly as most as a peppermint candy. The chocolate is not too sweet, though only honeyed adequate to contrariety a clever peppermint flavor.

Overall, Haagen-Dazs delivers a really flavorful, high peculiarity anniversary treat. we give this one 4 scoops.

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