Ice cream review: Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate, a worldly treat

This is my third examination of Haagen-Dazs’ new “Destination Series,” that facilities all from brownies to mango to several flavors of chocolate.

My knowledge with Mayan Chocolate was only yuck. we was strike in a face with a wall of cinnamon and it was powerful and  busted a yield for me.

After posting a essay on Twitter, Haagen-Dazs told me a Belgian Chocolate season would be some-more my style.

Well Haagen-Dazs, we were right, this ice cream season was wonderful.

We start with a rich, tawny chocolate ice cream. It’s honeyed and fluffy and value each calorie.

The season is towering by what a enclosure describes as finely shaved Belgian chocolate. The chocolate pieces are only little slivers that warp in your mouth and supplement a slight bitterness, that works good to change a benevolence of a ice cream.

The enclosure says a shavings yield a “uniquely textured experience,” and we have to agree, it is unique, though we wasn’t crazy about it, since it done a ice cream ambience somewhat gritty.  we consider we would have elite incomparable chunks of chocolate instead of a slivers.

Other than that we positively enjoyed this season and am so blissful a association endorsed it. we give this one 4 scoops and inspire anyone who likes excellent peculiarity chocolate to give it a try.

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