Ice cream review: Cumberland Farms ice cream sandwiches addictive

A few weeks ago we picked adult an ice cream sandwich from Cumberland Farms. we went into a reviewing routine with low expectations given we have attempted a few of a company’s ice cream flavors before and was unimpressed. Turns out a small sandwich was one of a best ones I’ve ever had and given afterwards I’ve motionless to try all 4 flavors offered.

This week we picked adult a Cool Mint Chocolate ice cream sandwich, featuring packet ice cream and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

Unlike a vanilla season that was a small light on a ice cream, there is copiousness of packet ice cream in this provide and it is creamy, minty perfection. The ice cream was well-spoken and had a clever packet flavor, though it wasn’t overpowering.

However a stars here are a chocolate chocolate chip cookies that are so soothing and had so many chocolate chips. These also tasted as if they were creatively baked.

I don’t know how a association has managed to emanate an ice cream sandwich cookie that stays so soothing after being solidified for who knows how long, though they have finished it and it creates all a difference.

I positively desired this sandwich and am looking brazen to perplexing a other flavors. we give it 5 scoops since we could not find a singular thing wrong with this overwhelming treat. You’ve finished it again Cumbies. Perhaps you’ll cruise a peanut butter cookie next?

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