Ice cream is in, yogurt is out


More than dual years after it went dark, a outrageous space during 1330 Fillmore that once housed Yoshi’s jazz bar and grill — and a gallery subsequent doorway during 1320 Fillmore, a dilemma space assigned by 1300 on Fillmore grill and a open parking garage — are now on a market.

City officials have announced they are looking for meddlesome buyers for a blurb spaces in a Fillmore Heritage Center and have released a ask for proposals, due by Apr 24.

“The city encourages proposals that creatively incorporate one or some-more of a following uses: behaving arts, visual/media arts, food and recreation/leisure activities,” pronounced a announcement.

The RFP is accessible here. Inquiries might be destined to or 415-554-6475.


Boba tea has taken a city by storm, and now dual friends who call themselves a Boba Guys are earnest a higher-quality chronicle during 1522 Fillmore, subsequent to a Wise Guys bagelry.

Their honeyed tawny tapioca tea is done with Straus organic milk, and is some-more costly than most. They already have locations in Hayes Valley, a Mission, nearby Union Square and in New York.

Then there’s this: In a behind of a boba emporium is Korean boiled duck from New York cook Deuki Hong during Sunday Bird. He’s looking for a permanent plcae in a area for a Korean grill grill and distillation lab.


• Around a dilemma from a guys during Geary and Steiner, a mutation from KFC and Taco Bell to Jane a Bakery is now complete. Behind a happy orange awning, a whole space has turn a large open blurb bakery, with bread and fritter of all kinds. Plus coffee.

• At prolonged final there’s movement on a northwest dilemma of Fillmore and Sacramento. Salt Straw from Portland is bringing workman ice cream. Let’s wish they move behind a tables and chairs in a southern sun, too.

• In a now-shuttered Noah’s Bagels store during 2213 Fillmore, demeanour for a new Danish extract bar and sandwich emporium called Joe a Juice. They’ve got hundreds of outlets around a world, though guarantee they are “local to each neighborhood.”

• Up during a tip of a street, work finally begun again during Blue Bottle Coffee. The dilemma of Jackson Fillmore has been dim for some-more than dual years.

• Still no signs of life during 2043 Fillmore, notwithstanding owners Pascal Rigo’s latest promises that a prolonged dark will finish with a new La Boulangerie and a uninformed cloak of paint.

• Troya, during 2125 Fillmore, has practiced a proceed by simplifying a menu, obscure a prices and changeable to fast-casual service.


The attainment of inhabitant and general conform and beauty brands onto top Fillmore Street continues.

• Now open: 45R, a Japanese wardrobe brand, in a new hand-crafted emporium during 1905 Fillmore.

• Frey, a 153-year-old bootmaker, has a initial stand-alone store on a West Coast during 2047 Fillmore.

• Intermix, a Gap’s newest acquisition, has taken over Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece space during 2223 Fillmore.

• Space NK, a new beauty products shop, is now open during 2000 Fillmore.

• The former Heidi Says Shoes during 2105 Fillmore has been remade into a new home for Atelier Cologne, a parfumerie with boutiques in Paris, New York and Hong Kong.


The stylish Marc Jacobs outpost on a dilemma of Fillmore and Sacramento has closed, usually a year after a conform residence dropped a lower-priced Marc by Marc Jacobs line that had hold down a dilemma for several years. It changed a higher-end Marc Jacobs boutique on Maiden Lane, nearby Union Square, into a Fillmore shop. Now both are gone.

In a place, during slightest temporarily, is Lip Lab, a lipstick emporium that merges organic mixture and cutting-edge record to emanate tiny batches of made-to-order colors. Lip Lab, that has a six-month franchise on a space.

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