Ice cream for breakfast, appreciate a mailman: Weird and dumb holidays in Feb 2017 (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Eat ice cream in bed, give your mail conduit a cuddle and dance to Buddy Holly strain while sipping wine. It’s OK – you’re only celebrating February’s uncanny and dumb holidays.

This month brings Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Thank a Mailman Day, a anniversary of Buddy Holly’s genocide and National Drink Wine Day. Mardi Gras, Tuesday, Feb. 28, is always an forgive for a party.

February is a month for adore and presidents’ birthdays. Here comes Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, Feb. 14); George Washington’s Birthday (Wednesday, Feb. 22); Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (Sunday, Feb. 12); and President’s Day (Monday, Feb. 20).

it’s also Black History Month.

Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 5) and Oscar Night (Sunday, Feb. 26) are vital holidays for film buffs and football fans.

Read by this list of February’s best uncanny and dumb holidays, and confirm that ones we wish to supplement to your personal calendar. Information came from Wikipedia (commemorative months, list of observances in a United States, list of general observances, commemorative days, commemorative months), and Holiday Insights.

Some photos in a concomitant gallery are credited to Creative Commons.

                                              Groundhog Day, Feb. 2

Are we confronting 6 some-more weeks of winter? Punxsutawney Phil, that famous continue prognosticating groundhog, will be pulled out of his den to make his prophecy on Groundhog Day. If Phil sees his shadow, it means we won’t get an early spring. Lots of groundhogs around a nation attend in a annual ritual, though we consider a best approach to applaud this day is by examination a glorious film “Groundhog Day,” with Bill Murray as a internal weatherman who has to steady live by Groundhog Day.

                                    “The Day a Music Died,” Friday, Feb. 3

In a diminutive hours of Feb. 3, 1959, stone stars Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and a Big Bopper, along with commander Roger Peterson, died in a craft pile-up shortly after takeoff in bad continue nearby a Mason City, Iowa airport. Holly had franchised a craft to transport to his subsequent unison in Minnesota. Singer Don McLean after called Feb. 3 “The Day a Music Died” in his strain “American Pie,” that deals with a detriment of innocence. To symbol a day, listen to strain by performers shabby by Holly, including Elton John and Mick Jagger.

                           Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Saturday, Feb. 4

Admit it – your New Year’s fortitude to dump some pounds has already been dropped. Signal your finish obey with an impossibly decadent breakfast in bed with zero though scoops of ice cream on a tray. Add your favorite toppings and move some fun to dull February.

                            Thank a Mailman Day, Saturday, Feb. 4

Hey, those catalogs and credit label offers don’t get into your mailbox by magic. Your mail conduit steadily delivers a mail 6 days a week by all kinds of weather. So when we see a mail conduit or other post bureau staffer on Thank a Mailman Day, be certain to offer a word of interjection and a large smile.

                        National Inventors Day, Saturday, Feb. 11

Everything that creates adult a complicated universe stems from an invention or innovation, and we need inventors to keep swell relocating forward. President Jimmy Carter proclaimed Feb. 11 as National Inventors Day in 1979 since a day is a anniversary of Thomas Edison’s birth. Edison, who grown a phonograph and a electric light bulb, is deliberate one of a country’s biggest inventors.

                        National Drink Wine Day, Saturday, Feb. 18

Drinking booze (in moderation) is one of life’s good pleasures, and one that dates behind to the beginnings of civilization. One of a oldest wineries ever detected dates behind to 4100 B.C. in Armenia, and conquistadors brought booze to a Americas. There are many great wineries in Ohio, so applaud National Drink Wine Day with a day outing to check out some of them. Just be certain to have a designated driver.

                         World Pistachio Day, Sunday, Feb. 26

According to the World Pistachio Day website, pistachio trees are local to western Asia and Asia Minor, and travelers on a Gothic Silk Road packaged along pistachios as an critical partial of their provisions. These days, many of a U.S. pistachio stand is grown in California. Enjoy a fistful of dainty pistachios, or suffer some pistachio-flavored ice cream, on World Pistachio Day.

                             Mardi Gras, Tuesday, Feb. 28

“Eat, splash and be merry, for tomorrow we might diet.” That view is a thought behind Mardi Gras, that falls on a day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday, or a final day of indulging in food and splash before Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting that starts a Lenten season. Mardi Gras is a outrageous jubilee in New Orleans, though Clevelanders get in on a merrymaking with paczki, Polish jelly-filled doughnuts eaten before Lent.

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