Ice Cream Food Crawl: These imagination ice cream flavors are kid-approved


Take a debate of North Jersey ice cream shoppes with a world’s best ice cream experts: kids.
Michael V. Pettigano, NorthJersey

According to a dictionary, an consultant is “a chairman who knows a lot about a sold subject.” Who knows some-more about ice cream than kids? Not a creation of it — we’ll leave that to certain gifted grown-ups — yet a lusciousness, a creaminess, a officious deliciousness?

Know any child who would spin down a cone of a stuff? What about a child who can’t be bribed with a dip of a solidified treat? Neither do we. Which is since when we motionless to go on an Ice Cream Food Crawl, we invited 4 of North Jersey’s best ice cream experts — kids ages 6 to 8. Their blameless creds: They penchant a stuff, assimilate it any time it’s offering (which, they unanimously agree, is never enough), and they’re brutally honest. 

The story continues subsequent a gallery.

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