Hydrox filed a censure opposite opposition Oreo for ‘hiding’ cookies

Who hid a cookies on a cookie shelf? If we ask Hydrox, Oreo did.

When it comes to cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies, many consumers automatically consider of Oreos. Since a pregnancy in 1912, Oreo has come a prolonged way, recently introducing furious new flavors like Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn. Last year, they even hosted a poser season competition (spoiler alert: it was Fruity Pebbles).

But when it comes to sandwich cookies, Oreo indeed does have some foe — and that association has indicted Oreo of some critical tainted play in a cookie aisle.


Hydrox’s explain to celebrity is that it was a strange Oreo given they initial debuted in 1908. The brand’s new tagline? “The strange sandwich cookie is back, don’t eat a hit off!”

But given a cookies’ lapse to shelves in 2015 (according to a owners Leaf Brands, Hydrox was transposed by Keebler in 1999), there’s been some conjecture as to where exactly on shelves a cookies can be found.

On Aug. 6, Hydrox posted on Facebook: “We @Hydrox cookie have been unequivocally undone with a stealing of a cookies during vital retailers by a folks @Oreo, so we finally filed an central censure with a Federal Trade Commission final week.”

The censure opposite Mondelez, a global, Illinois-based snacking hulk that owns Oreo, alleges that a association has “been perplexing to make it [Hydrox cookies] tough to find” in grocery stores inhabitant “in hopes of obscure sales volume” and carrying Hydrox “discontinued.”

“We trust in foe and choice though we resolutely trust a folks @Mondelez (the owners of Oreo) have been endeavour a inhabitant module to repairs a code and stop us from competing,” a post read. “Many of we over a final few years have been good during holding cinema when we see #hydrox cookies being changed or blocked from store shelves and we unequivocally conclude your help.”

One of these photos points out how Hydrox cookies seem to have been placed on a tip shelf in place of SnackWell’s, though that snack’s trademark remained in front of Hydrox packages.

“I privately work for Nabisco and have NEVER been educated to move/hide your cookies … ” one chairman wrote in invulnerability of Oreo. “This is a sell store emanate and not a Mondolez [sic] issue.”

Other Facebook users, however, disagreed.

“I can privately demonstrate that Mondelez DOES in fact do this,” one wrote. “I was a Retail Reset Merchandiser for SAS Retail Services (one of a 5 Walmart-approved vendors). In my domain of 5 Walmart stores, we frequently would see Mondelez Merchandisers and that association has them do some untrustworthy things.”

Another Hydrox believer pronounced that when he couldn’t find Hydrox during his internal Ralph’s, a store worker told him “the Oreo folks threatened to cut behind on their deliveries if Hydrox wasn’t dropped.”

A Mondelez orator told TODAY Food that a association had not nonetheless been “contacted” about a explain though “are assured that this indictment has no merit.”

The orator continued, “Much of a shelf chain is due to a fact that Oreo is a #1 cookie in a U.S., and retailers typically align reward chain to a fastest offered products, formed on consumer demand. We always work with integrity, and we are unapproachable to be America’s favorite cookie.”

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