Hungryhouse has launched a new ultimate cheeseburger – though WITHOUT any meat

HUNGRYHOUSE has combined a ultimate cheeseburger from 9 opposite cheeses – though it doesn’t have ANY beef in it.

You’d feta brie-lieve it, since a online food takeaway height has done a burger-shaped savage wholly out of cheese for £14.99 – nonetheless we’re not certain what to make of it.

 Is this a new choice cheeseboard? It's really not a burger though
Is this a new choice cheeseboard? It’s really not a burger though

Whilst it’s a deteriorate for a good aged gratifying cheese board, Hungryhouse has taken things serve by creation a burger-shaped cheese platter.

The bun, lettuce, patty and tomatoes have been sculpted out of several dairy delights – nonetheless there’s not a cracker in sight.

The cheeseburger is done adult of a mature cheddar cheese bun with mozzarella seeds, a soothing tawny Camembert patty, Babybel gherkins, and clever red Leicester tomatoes.

It’s surfaced off with German smoked cheese onion rings, Stilton cheese relish, and layers of eccentric Edam and American cheese lettuce.

 The cheeseburger is done wholly from NINE opposite cheeses
The cheeseburger is done wholly from NINE opposite cheeses

Whilst we adore cheese as most as a subsequent person, we camembert a suspicion of job it a “ultimate burger” since it’s technically not a burger…

But if you’re regulating it as an choice cheese platter with friends afterwards we can totally get on (cheese) board.

The gimmick is usually accessible to sequence by a site for one day usually – Nov 29 – and will arrive with we on Dec 1.

Of course, during £14.99, we can’t contend that it’s good value for money. The cheeses enclosed come in opposite amounts, like “seeds” done from mozzarella, so it’s tough to make a cost comparison.

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Fromage fans will be gay to know that Asda is offered a cheese appearance calendar for only £8 and includes Applewood, Mexicana and Jarlsbergh.

They’re accessible to buy in stores now though you’ll have to precipitate since they’re firm to be popular. or call 0207 78 24516

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