How to make Staten Island’s ‘Sushi Burrito’ a Simple Asia way

Yes, Simple Asia’s sushi burrito only as considerable in chairman as it looks in photos — though the packaged with season that will keep we full all day. Sorry to say: The proxy accomplishment of unchanging sushi can’t compare. 

This burrito, in particular, is pressed with salmon, tuna, lettuce, furikake, cucumber, avocado, masago, sharp mayo and eel sauce.

I was entirely astounded that we indeed enjoyed eating a sushi burrito. At first, we was wavering since we suspicion there would be too most fish. we was scheming to get grossed out after a few bites. 

But we was wrong. So wrong. There was just adequate rice, seafood and toppings that zero was “too much.” The ingredients complimented any other good and there was only adequate flavor. 

Your burrito is your prerogative. Simple Asia prides themselves on giving their business full control. Their menu contains a prolonged list of proteins like shrimp tempura, yellowtail and baked octopus salad (Octo-burrito?) for business can substitute.  

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