How to Make a DIY Unicorn Frappuccino At Home

If we haven’t nonetheless been means to get your hands on a new Unicorn Frappuccino, fear not — since a Youtubers behind HellthyJunkFood have your back.

Like many Starbucks fans super vehement to try a company’s enchanting new beverage, a twin behind HellthyJunkFood rushed to their internal store to try and get one, usually to be told they were sole out of a mixture required to make it. Rather than panic, however, a span instead motionless to rise a fool for a splash during home — so they’d never have to worry about Starbucks using out of it again.

First, a span had to get their hands on a strange Unicorn Frappuccino during a opposite Starbucks location; and afterwards they began to mangle it down square by piece. From there, they combined what they explain to be a spot-on recipe with a fragment of a calories — that also means we no longer need to worry about a Unicorn Frappuccino being a singular book beverage, either.

Magic is real!

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