How to make a jester ice cream sundae for National Sundae Day!

It’s kid’s birthday celebration classical and a good provide for Nov. 11, National Sunday Day: a jester ice cream sundae! Kin Parents Producer Robert Mahar brings us a simple, easy to arrange chronicle that we can simply customize to your child’s tastes.

How to make a jester ice cream sundae:


  • Icing
  • Ice cream cones
  • Chocolate candies
  • Strawberries
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream
  • Colored sprinkles


  1. Adhere candies to ice cream cone with icing.
  2. Place a candy on any topping dot.
  3. Cut a tops off of a strawberries and slice.
  4. Scoop vanilla ice cream into bowl.
  5. Place strawberries around a ice cream scoop, formulating a clown’s collar.
  6. Spray churned cream half approach around scoop.
  7. Position cone for hat.
  8. Cover churned cream with sprinkles.
  9. Place candies on dip for eyes and nose.

Customize with these part substitutions!

Instead of candy for a facial facilities and pom poms on a hat, we competence try: blueberries, raisins, peanuts or sunflower seeds.

Instead of sliced strawberries for a collar, we competence try: sliced banana, banana chips, raspberries or apple slices.


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