How To Get Free Halo Top Ice Cream Through Postmates Fresh On Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, yet I’m about to spend my Valentine’s Day with solo dish and a pint of my favorite ice cream (and maybe some wine… OK, really some wine). Thankfully, one of my favorite grocery smoothness services is charity giveaway pints of ice cream with any sequence — so indulging in my favorite solidified season isn’t going to cost an additional penny. If you’re also into a thought of treating yourself to a nominal pint, I’ll tell we how to get free Halo Top ice cream by Postmates Fresh on Valentine’s Day. (You review that correctly: giveaway pints, people.)

Before we get your hopes up, let’s speak about what Postmates Fresh is… because, yes, it’s a small opposite than a Postmates you’re substantially used to. Postmates Fresh is a grocery smoothness use that sources their groceries from internal partners, and delivers them to we in about 30 minutes. In other words, Postmates Fresh has your behind if you’re in need of some discerning mixture for a dish you’re cooking, or if you’re too idle to travel to a grocery store for your go-to snacks. It even offers domicile essentials, like paper towels and washing antiseptic (cool, right?). The use launched in 2017, and is now accessible in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Of course, that means usually people vital in those cities have entrance to giveaway pints of Halo Top.


If you’re a propitious patron in New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, get prepared to knowledge a sweet ambience of giveaway dessert. In sequence to land a nominal pint of Halo Top ice cream on Valentine’s Day, all we have to do is sequence one from Postmates Fresh. That’s literally it. There’s no squeeze necessary, that means we can sequence ice cream for yourself (or your bae) but adding some-more groceries to a list. However, if you’re formulation on cooking V-Day dinner, I’d advise utilizing a use and adding ice cream onto your order. That way, you’ll be means to provide yourself to a home-cooked meal, and finish a night with your favorite pint of ice cream.

I’ll echo this fact, though: There is no squeeze necessary, that means we can totally have ice cream for cooking — giveaway of charge. we know, you’re substantially thinking: “What about a smoothness fee?” Well, theory what: Postmates Fresh waved a smoothness fee, so stop worrying about a additional income and freakin’ provide yourself! TBH, Valentine’s Day never sounded better.

By now, you’re substantially essay your grocery list and formulation your night, so I’ll illuminate we with a giveaway Halo Top flavors we can select from for dessert. In jubilee of a regretful Hallmark holiday, you’ll be means to choose from Red Velvet or Strawberry, according to Delish. If we aren’t a fan of possibly flavor, afterwards we can always squeeze a opposite one (you’ll have to compensate for it, though).

Halo Top

Of course, with each graduation comes a teeny, tiny locate — and this one is no different. The giveaway Halo Top pints are theme to availability, and use fees may request (depending on what area we sequence from). The graduation usually lasts until stores tighten on Valentine’s Day, or during 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 14. This means a few things: Make certain we sequence from a participating cities, and do it on a progressing side so a stores nearby we don’t run out of a goods.

I know for a fact I’d be ravaged if we waited too prolonged for a giveaway pint of Halo Top.

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