How not to pile-up and bake during your association potluck






A potluck Thursday outward a St. Cloud Islamic Center was a probability to bond residents over food and games.

How’s your potluck luck? 

The time-honored Midwestern tradition is maybe nowhere some-more worshiped than a good state of Minnesota.

Whether hosted by your workplace, your church, your area or your school, you’ve substantially been invited to one — that means we had to move something.

But how do we know if your image was a hit? 

Minnesotans are famous for being nice. Is it out of a area of probability that your dear coworkers, assemblage members or carpool friends might, well, distortion to your face about your duck cacciatore casserole? 

It’s OK; acceptance is a initial step to recovery. And we’re here to help. 

LaNae Cobb, Welcome Serving Ministry coordinator during Bethlehem Lutheran Church, works with a organisation called a Congregational Life Committee to classify potlucks for a Bethlehem community. 

As someone who has seen “quite a few” potlucks in her time, Cobb was happy to share some of a many renouned dishes that have hold a place on Bethlehem’s smorgasboard table.

“I don’t know if we know anything about Lutherans, yet anything that’s a hotdish that’s finished with cream soup is going to be unequivocally popular,” she said, chuckling. 

“We also have a hotdish that we call a ‘Funeral Hotdish’ — I’m not even certain if it has an tangible name, we’ve only brought it to a lot of funerals,” Cobb said. She described a image as a rice and hamburger hotdish surfaced with food mein noodles. 

Finally, Cobb said, anything Scandinavian is going to be a strike with her crowd. She pronounced a late Rev. Glenn Midthun regularly brought rommegrot to assemblage potlucks. 


“It’s a Norwegian dish. It’s fundamentally butter, flour and divert baked until it’s unequivocally thick, and we shower cinnamon sugarine on top,” Cobb said. “It always reminds me of rice pudding, reduction a rice.”

And what about dishes that could be, shall we say, late from church potlucks? 

“You know, we can’t say, since we have some dishes that a same people move all a time, and they would know. we would be in trouble!” Cobb laughed. “But yes, we trust there are some dishes that could be retired.” 

For some-more on that potluck shareables competence be unfailing for a Great Potluck in a Sky, we’ll have to spin to someone a small some-more opinionated — someone like Jennifer Och, a devise and eventuality coordinator for a St. Cloud Times, who has helped put on some-more than a dozen potlucks in a final 5 years. 

I sat down with a devoted potluck planner to get her take on a essential question: What are some guaranteed ways not to siphon during a association potluck? 

Times: Our initial doubt is a vast one. What are some dishes that you’ve seen brought to potlucks that always are a hit? 

Och: Cheesy crush browns always go over well. Shawna (Hanson, an comment executive during a Times) brings this veggie pizza-type image that has a membrane with cream cheese and veggies on it, and that’s unequivocally cool. Barbecue meatballs, like a standard Minnesotan kind. 

Times: we notice we don’t unequivocally seem to determine with a recognition of those meatballs.

Och: Well, it’s kind of lame! Meat ‘n potatoes, we know, it’s predictable. You wish to move something cool. 

Times: So what constitutes a “cool” potluck dish? 

Och: It’s all about image economy. You’ve got singular space on that plate; you’re not going rubbish that changed space stuffing up with salad or vegetables! we like homemade dips a lot. Spinach and artichoke drop or buffalo duck dip, and some peculiarity crackers. 

Times: And on a flip side, what are some dishes that are improved left during home?

Och: First of all, we always have so much dessert, each singular time. Check a potluck sign-up, see who is already bringing dessert, and devise accordingly, people! we also hatred when people move a enclosure of sauerkraut. What are we gonna do with a thing of sauerkraut? My father says he’s going to divorce me over this, yet we only consider it’s gross. (Laughs.) Also, when people move only a bag of chips. we know people adore chips, so someone has to move them. But what could be some-more idle than a bag of Lay’s? And Kraft Singles! 

Times: Who would only move a package of Kraft Singles to a potluck? 

Och: It’s a same chairman who brought a chips. 

Times: OK, it’s time for a turn of “Hot or Not?” What about bringing a image of proposal fruit or vegetables?

Och: Not. we consider that’s unequivocally lame. Because, let’s be honest, when we go to a holiday celebration and they have a buffet, they always put a veggies initial since they’re inexpensive and they fill adult your plate. My father and we halt that every time. We’re onto their game! When we demeanour during all a robust dishes during a potluck, are we unequivocally going to take adult space on your image with vegetables? 

Times: How about grocery store pre-made items, like dips and salads?

Och: I consider that’s fine, as prolonged as we don’t explain it as your own. Don’t put it in a play and explain it as yours — even yet we know we’re all guilty of it! 

Times: Store-bought baked goods?

Och: we hatred to see store-bought baked goods, since homemade ones are so most some-more flavorful! 

Times: Ordering pizzas? 

Och: I adore that idea.

Times: Wait, really? Why?

Och: we only adore pizza. Pizza is awesome. 

Times: Very true. Moving on, what are your thoughts on folks who pool their income to go in on one potluck item?

Och: I’ve seen it finished before. But we would advise peculiarity over quantity. It’s like going to a marriage and giving a present vast adequate to during slightest cover your image cost; we wish to make certain that if 3 people are bringing one image between them, it’s estimable adequate to fill that opening on a buffet. We have a organisation here that goes in on sandwich stuff, that is indeed great, since it’s stuffing and popular. 

Times: Jen, appreciate we for your insights. You’ve been a resources of information. 

Och: You’re welcome! Before we go, did we pointer adult for a subsequent potluck? 

Times: Oh shoot, demeanour during a time! 

Follow Alyssa Zaczek on Twitter @sctimesalyssa, email her at, or call her during (320) 255-8761. 

Funeral Hotdish


1 lb belligerent beef

½ lb Jimmy Dean sausage 

2 cups diced celery

1 middle onion, diced

Diced carrots, to taste

2 cans duck rice soup

1 can cream of fungus soup

¾ crater underdone rice

¼ crater soy sauce

2⅝ cups H2O (2 soup cans’ worth)

1 bag crispy food mein noodles

Preheat oven to 325° F. In a skillet or Dutch oven over middle heat, brownish-red a belligerent beef, sausage, onions and celery. Remove from feverishness and drain. 

In a apart bowl, brew together all other reduction until combined. Add to beef reduction and stir to combine. 

Transfer reduction to a douse 9-by-13-inch pan. Bake for 1½-2 hours. During a final 30 minutes, tip with food mein noodles and lapse to oven until a rice is tender. 

Serve hot. 

SOURCE: Adapted for imitation with a accede of LaNae Cobb.

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