How my summer highway outing incited into a Great Vanilla Slice Taste Test

I’ve started a summer hurl with an aged adore of mine, and it has been definitely delicious. The attribute was rekindled during a prolonged automobile tour between Canberra and a Adelaide Hills in a small city of Balranald in a Riverina district of New South Wales. My father Tim was driving, a dual small children were in a behind chair – and we had in my hands a initial vanilla cut I’d bought in years.

From a impulse we took it out of a paper bag, we knew this vanilla cut was something special. The fritter was a stately oven-baked brown, a custard was a fever yellow of uninformed egg yolks, and it smelled like genuine vanilla. There were layers of thinly sliced almonds resting snugly between a custard and a protecting pastry. This vanilla cut was one of a best I’ve ever had. we wondered if it could presumably be beaten, and so embarked on what has come to be famous as a Great Vanilla Slice Taste Test.

‘The fritter was a stately oven-baked brown, a custard was a fever yellow of uninformed egg yolks, and it smelled like genuine vanilla.’ Photograph: Jolene Laverty

The vanilla cut has altered a lot in a years given we initial had one as a child during propagandize holidays during Dad’s workshop. To keep me still for an additional 15 minutes, Dad always got me a vanilla cut when a smoko lorry rocked adult with a many delights for workers. Those vanilla slices were splendid yellow with pinkish icing, wrapped together so firmly their block edges became dull and squished. They were amazing.

Today, only as it was for a smoko van, a vanilla cut is large business. This is generally loyal for many small towns, that rest on a bakeries to attract travellers to a categorical street. Many will go out of their approach to transport by a city with a good bakery, that is how a family highway outing finished adult in a rural municipality of Ouyen in a Mallee segment of Victoria.

Ouyen’s Mallee bakery boasts a confidant yellow pointer that welcomes we to a “home of a vanilla slice”. The bakery itself is massive, and a operation of baked products would opposition any big-city bakery. It was tough not to get dreaming by a other delicious-looking treats, though we had come for a vanilla slice.

The custard was so dark it was roughly white, and with a thick white topping it looked a bit anaemic. The blade wasn’t means to get by a unenlightened fritter though creation a custard gush out a sides. The slice’s surrounding was disappointing, though a custard itself was incredible. It had a higher vanilla bean flavour, that was tawny and delicious. While a colour might have been bland, a essence was anything but.

‘While a colour might have been bland, a essence was anything but.’ Photograph: Jolene Laverty

The repute of a good vanilla cut travels fast, and is aided by a likes of Gary Lum. Medical alloy by day and pledge food reviewer during other times, Lum knows what he likes in a vanilla cut – that he says is “an Australian legend” – and he’s reviewed several for his blog. According to Lum:

The fritter should be thin, though not so flaky that when we punch it, it cracks and creates a flaky sleet storm. I’m not a fan of a white topping with chocolate swirls. That arrange of fanciness has no place on a vanilla slice.

I remonstrate with Lum on that front. we adore flaky fritter on a vanilla slice, and chocolate drizzles only make it even tastier. The comprehensive best vanilla cut of a new highway outing came from Belair in a Adelaide Hills, in a small though bustling bakery that has done it a mecca for vanilla cut pilgrims. The custard is thick and creamy, with a good vanilla taste. The fritter is frail and has a hardness of a poetic finish pieces of a croissant, a ability a baker schooled during his tutelage underneath a French fritter maker.

Jason Spencer, a baker and owners of Banana Boogie, explains that a swirls are called feathering, and they can meant a disproportion between winning and losing large vanilla cut competitions.

Behind a scenes during a Banana Boogie bakery as Jason Spencer creates his famous vanilla slice

“The initial year we entered a foe a tip placegetters all had chocolate feathering,” he told me. “Ours was plain, so we motionless to try feathering a following year. Of course, a judges didn’t like chocolate feathering that year, so all a winners had plain icing! It’s really subjective.”

Since I’ve been on a Great Vanilla Slice Taste Test, I’ve had so many people tell me where they consider a BEST vanilla cut can be found. Mostly, they’re in small outback towns or can be found in pokey small suburban shops. It has been a good sign that a many noble treats are watchful to be detected by those who are peaceful to stop and demeanour around.

  • What do we consider creates a good vanilla slice? And where is Australia’s best? Tell us in a comments – we might use some responses in a apart mainstay

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