How going to a McDonald’s can indeed measure we a Burger King Whopper for 1 cent

Craving a Burger King Whopper?

If so, it turns out a cheapest approach to get one is during your nearest McDonald’s.

And no, that’s not a typo.

Burger King denounced a new app that lets people get a Whopper for only one cent if they sequence a burger while nearby a McDonald’s, according to MarketWatch. It’s a latest section in quick food feuds as Burger King looks for an corner opposite a competition.

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The understanding — accessible from Dec 4 to Dec 12 — involved “geofencing McDonald’s locations opposite a country” so a Burger King app can tell when someone is inside a operation of McDonald’s and developed for a nearly-free burger, according to a matter performed by USA Today. After ordering, a app will beam a approach to Burger King.

All we have to be is within 600 feet of those golden arches to get a super inexpensive Whopper, as remarkable by CNBC. It is a one-time deal.

“Today, a Burger King code is branch some-more than 14,000 McDonald’s into Burger King restaurants,” a quick food corner pronounced in a created statement, according to CNBC. “Sort of.”

Marcelo Pascoa, a tellurian conduct of code selling for Burger King, told Ad Age that it was a daunting charge to geofence a over 14,000 McDonald’s opposite a U.S. Geofencing involves regulating GPS to emanate bounds that are picked adult by a user’s cellphone — and in this case, vouchsafing Burger King know that a chairman is within a 600 feet radius of a McDonald’s.

But, Pascoa added, a plea done it an even some-more alluring idea.

“We adore ideas that when a thought gets to us we contend ‘how a heck are we going to lift this off?’ ” he said, according to Ad Age.

A video posted by Burger King shows people pulling adult into a drive-through window during McDonald’s — and afterwards seeking doubtful employees if they can get their hands on a Whopper.

In one instance, a McDonald’s workman explains to a patron that “this is McDonald’s, sweetie.”

“Well, we pushed on here and it pronounced sequence a Whopper for a penny from McDonald’s,” she says.

“That’s a lie,” a workman responds. “That’s a feign thing.”

But, as a video explains, it’s really real.

And Burger King has taken to Twitter to make certain people know to conduct to their nearest McDonald’s.

Two group climbed by a window during an Oak Cliff Burger King on Friday. They were after held by Dallas police.

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