How a bear called Cheeseburger illustrates a problem with Far Cry 5

VIDEO: The Cheeseburger Problem, also accessible on YouTube

Montana is one of a largest states in a USA, though a race has hardly inched over 1 million residents. That means there are approximately 7 people per block mile. However, formed on my latest demo with Far Cry 5, that is set in a illusory county in Western Montana, you’d consider a diversion took place on a hinterland of a large city.

At times it can feel like there’s indeed too most going on in Far Cry 5, and zero demonstrates it improved my bear buddy, Cheeseburger. He’s a awkward though friendly dolt who also attacks all in sight. As a outcome He’s constantly ballsing adult my best laid plans, and he really doesn’t do good around cars (you’ll see). Cheeseburger is unfit to stay insane at, though a fact he’s such a magnet for difficulty can make it tough to ever flog behind and suffer one of a prettiest open worlds I’ve seen. 

Sometimes, Cheeseburger and we only need a damn second to locate some fish and smell a roses composed by wild cultists. 

VIDEO: 30 mins of Far Cry 5 singleplayer using on PC, also available on YouTube. 

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