Hotel Intel Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Lake Como’s First Hotel

Constructed in 1910, Grand Hotel Tremezzo was Lake Como’s initial privately built hotel—the rest were private villas incited into guesthouses. The area was already a traveller prohibited spot, carrying been popularized by a prior century’s Grand Tour travelers. A sight or private automobile from Como’s categorical sight hire (an hourlong float from Milan) climbs along slight circuitous roads flanked by colorful homes and shops on one side and a immeasurable turquoise blue lake on a other.

First Impressions

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In a 1932 film Grand Hotel, a Russian ballerina played by Greta Garbo called a Grand Hotel Tremezzo a “happy, balmy place.” Her stipulation binds loyal today. As shortly as you’re deposited in front of a art nouveau building, lodged on a sprouting hill, happily a senses register usually beauty—fresh sea breezes; a regard of a golden sun; and a vibrancy of an aquamarine sky, emerald mountains, and coruscating water. A glass-fronted conveyor whisks we adult to a third building lobby. Here, a excellence of inlet segues into a excellence of synthetic Belle Époque décor. Red seats, bullion drapes, marble columns, and clear chandeliers set a theatre for identical hedonistic visible feasts via a hotel’s open spaces, all dotted with Italian antiques and oil paintings. Sala Biliardo has a pool list from a 1800s, and a Sala Lettura, a friendly reading room, is lined with books donated by guests.

In gripping with Italy’s repute as a world-class collateral of cuisine, a hotel offers guest gastronomic decline when it comes to dining—five restaurants to be exact. Our favorites embody La Terrazza for dinner, an alfresco grill where a anniversary Italian menu—the braised veal handle with saffron risotto shouldn’t be missed—is churned adult with internal mixture (in a winter, full-length potion panes keep guest comfortable and a lakefront vistas uninterrupted). Located in a cellar, a regretful L’Escale Trattoria Wine Bar, a town’s usually fondue restaurant, is a ideal mark per due: booze barrels double as tables, walls are lined with hundreds of Italian wines, and off-hand dishes like a tawny cheese fondue—a mix of Swiss cheeses that guest can prepare themselves with a tiny assistance from a chef—abound.

Après dinner, squeeze a cocktail during T Bar, an insinuate celebration hole that spills onto a lakefront terrace, or settle in for sharp-witted review during Sala Musica, a fever yellow room where a walls are hung with selected silks hand-worked in Lake Como, that has a abounding story of a fabric’s production. Almost all a open bedrooms offer vistas of a lake, that means there isn’t a bad chair in a house.

The Rooms


The guest bedrooms and suites are reached by inside hallways dotted with gilt-frame mirrors and paintings trimming from halcyon panorama scenes to lovers caught in a burning embrace. Although all accommodations have been updated many times given a early 20th century, a character stays loyal to their strange opulence. Each singly flashy room and apartment comes with mountainous ceilings, gilded furnishings, thick silk covers and even some-more museum-worthy artworks. Terraces both vast and tiny face possibly a lake, all a approach opposite to a colorful facades of Bellagio, or a sensuous lawns abloom with an startling accumulation of flowers. As if a hotel’s oppulance and landscape aren’t relaxing enough, have a go during a low spin cylinder in a marble bathroom.

It’s tough to pinpoint a standout characteristics, as all bedrooms exaggerate an particular appeal. But a Rooftop Penthouse competence usually be a climax valuables of a palace. A somewhat some-more complicated take on décor than a rest of a rooms—think built-in shelving and dim timber floors—the penthouse still offers a gratifying volume of glorious to ogle. The showpieces are a dual terraces, one versed with a exhilarated Jacuzzi. Soak off a prolonged day of sightseeing as we splash in a monumental perspective of what else though a prevalent thesis of a property: a stately lake.

What Pops

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While a turn of gilded oppulance indoors astounds, a sprawling gardens simply take a layer of breathtaking. Spread opposite some-more than 200,000 block feet, a century-old terraced park is a obstruction of footpaths and stairs that breeze adult a hill, eventually fasten a equally beautiful drift of Villa Carlotta, a 17th century home of an elegant family that is now a museum. The gardens raze with rainbow-colored clusters of tulips, hydrangeas and azaleas underneath a curled canopy of palm trees and ancient magnolias. One of a property’s 3 swimming pools (there’s another one floating on a lago itself), situated on one of a aloft tiers, boasts an roughly aerial perspective of a water. The anniversary T Pizza serves wood-fired pies from May to September, a ideal break after a few laps.

Adjacent to a categorical hotel, a code new T Spa is located in a easy 18th century Villa Emilia, glowing with strange mosaics and slick, contemporary décor. The three-story, 11,000-square-foot space houses a yoga studio, gym and a area’s usually authentic hammam. The forever pool, sauna and a willing decrease loll all offer lake views. Highlights of a ESPA diagnosis menu are signature therapies desirous by a surroundings, including a Lake Como Relaxing Ritual: a physique dumpy and scalp facade are followed by a massage utilizing exhilarated muslin poultices filled with internal spices like thyme and lavender.

The Locale

Located in Italy’s northern Lombardy region, a hotel sits tighten to a banks of a lake. The skill is a five-minute travel to a dock, where ferries leave each half-hour and bound from one lifelike city like Bellagio and Varenna to another, all nestled in a Grigne Mountains. For those who enterprise some-more privacy, a hotel’s Venetian-style vessel races guest divided for a personal guided tour. The city of Tremezzo itself is a exhausted community with old-fashioned trattorie and valuables box-like shops with off-hand wares. If you’re adult for a meander, conduct south. The scenic travel will take we past George Clooney’s villa, and a locals will be happy to indicate it out.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Address: Via Regina, 8 – 22016
Room Rates: $485 to $6,472

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