Hot Eats Winnipeg – Cafe Carlo on Lilac St.

WINNIPEG, MB – Cafe Carlo was one of a really initial restaurants of a kind in Winnipeg (established in 1989) and has been consistently appreciative their constant customers ever since.

I have not had an event to revisit in a dusk recently, though as a lunch end it is high on my personal list of favourites. The comfortable atmosphere and a unobtrusive proceed to juicy transport is what keeps me going back. Case in point: a bread served during lunch tasted creatively baked and was served with butter that had been pureed with caramelized onion, bacon and green cream!

On a initial of dual new occasions, we was speedy to representation a fish tacos, where house-made taco shells (the crunchy variety) were superfluous with greens, crispy tilapia and chipotle tartar sauce. Tastes were light and uninformed and reminded me of Caribbean vacations.

On a other hand, a butternut squish and ricotta ravioli was anything though light, and we desired it! Little block pockets of house-made pasta luxuriated in a virtuoso and hazelnut brownish-red butter. Tendrils of creatively grated parmesan ornate a top. The tastes were low and rich. we have attempted to reconstruct a ambience in my possess kitchen given that visit.

Soon after, we returned to representation some additional lunch equipment with friends. The boneless, boiled duck pieces were plight brined to furnish a moist, proposal inside with a crunchy exterior. The portion, served with a salad, was plenty adequate to share. Another crony systematic a pasta special that was also abounding adequate for a take home dinner.

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