Homemade cookies move in a mix for retreat repair

The eventuality was orderly by Patty Morse, chair of a Commission. The cookies were decoratively displayed and those seeking to equivocate a charge of holiday baking were given a bakery box to fill with those of their choice. Everything from chocolate chip to maple to sugarine and some-more could be found around a list as folks filled their boxes before streamer to a import station. The cookies were sole by a bruise and business paid anywhere from $7 to $21 and beyond, lifting over $600.

The fundraiser was hold as a means to lift income to assistance correct a tip step during a Town’s bandstand, ordinarily famous as a Town Gazebo.

The retreat was an strange structure during Island Park on Byrne’s Island in a Potomac River usually next a Hilltop Hotel.

Island Park was an entertainment park combined by a BO Railroad that was operated from 1879 to 1909. BO ran excursions from Washington and Baltimore bringing guest from a cities to suffer a entertainment park in ancestral Harpers Ferry.

The park, that was in operation until 1909 when BO motionless to tighten since of continual flooding, offering guest all from a steam-powered ferris circle and merry-go-round to wading beaches, a midway, dance pavilions, vessel rentals and cruise areas. When a entertainment apportionment was closed, a cruise area remained open for some time afterwards.

Research finished on a entertainment park and Byrne’s Island by internal proprietor Zach Morse, offering a quote by then-resident Gilbert Perry who said, “Island Park is each bit as happy as Coney Island.”

The retreat is a usually remaining structure from a days of Island Park. In 1909, a Citizens Concert Band, a internal jazz rope who played during Island Park, helped save it when they purchased it and changed it to Lower Town.

Carved in a tip step of a gazebo’s stairs is CCB 1909, for a band. This artwork is deteriorating and a supports lifted from a Cookie Walk will be used to remodel that step.

The retreat was bought after by a city and changed to a stream plcae on Washington Street where it serves as a executive indicate of a town. Each year it is a site of a annual Easter Egg Hunt hosted by a town’s Park and Recreation, a Herb Fair offering by a Harpers Ferry Woman’s Club, a Jul 4 unison and cruise finished in and by a Woman’s Club and a city and is a home of a town’s Christmas tree in December.

Morse common that all of a cookies baked for Saturday’s eventuality were sole before a 1 p.m. shutting of a event.

“Of special note is that Jim Jenkins finished a squeeze of 150 cookies for a Washington High School rope who was participating in a Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Christmas march after that afternoon,” she said.

Morse pronounced she believes that a repairs to a retreat step will be finished in a spring.

“This is an critical partial of a town’s story that we need to save for generations to come,” Morse added.

The initial Cookie Walk took place Saturday, Dec. 9, with some-more than 20 bakers contributing to lift a sum of $675. Morse also pronounced with a outrageous success of a initial Cookie Walk, she anticipates it apropos an annual event.

For some-more information on a gazebo, one might stop and review a wayside signage located during a site in Harpers Ferry.

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