Holiday Traditions: Ginger Pudding and Cheese Fondue

A integrate of years ago, we wrote about one of my family’s Christmas tradition, a child-created ice-cream eating competition opposite blazing candles. It started casually in my childhood and is now an requisite partial of a holiday.

After it published, we schooled that a lot of families had ice cream snowballs for dessert during Christmas, and urged me to convince UDF to move them back. The lift of tradition is strong, even for commercially purchased vanilla ice cream coated in coconut. 

So this year, we asked readers what food traditions lift them this time of year. 

People responded with stories of heirloom recipes, traditions they’ve combined for themselves, and racial dishes that bond them to their family’s history. I’ll be pity them during a month of December. 

Ginger Pudding

The initial is from Peggy Landes, who is so lustful of her grandmother’s ginger pudding recipe that she has it framed along with her photo in her kitchen. 

“Our family so enjoys this ginger pudding that my Granny Tuttle served on Christmas starting when she and my Grandpa married in 1911. My mom continued this tradition and now it lies with me. Every Christmas morning we get a double boiler out and in go a ingredients. The ginger molasses smell wafting by a residence is simply heavenly,” pronounced Landes. She says it’s good that it cooks on a stove top, not in a oven, that is mostly full before a holiday dinner.

1 1/2 teaspoons belligerent ginger

2 egg yolks

1 crater molasses 

1 crater comfortable water 

1 teaspoon soda 

2 cups flour

Mix together until smooth, flow into a tip of a double boiler, with a bottom full of water. Cover. Bring to a simmer and steam 1 1/2 hours. Make certain H2O doesn’t boil away. 

Swiss Fondue

Karen Eck wrote about a tradition picked adult from travel. we desired removing her grant given it’s a same tradition my family has on Christmas Eve. And we only finished it adult myself given we suspicion it sounded fun.

“When we lived in Switzerland in 1972, a horde invited us to dinner. As she prepared a pot of cheese fondue, she had me follow her instruction, creation a second pot. Being only out of college, my father and we had never tasted (or even listened of) it before. It was really simple, nonetheless so delicious!

“When we returned home, we started a initial tradition– carrying Fondue Gruyere on Christmas Eve. We have given finished so any year, but fail, for 44 years. Every member of a now extended family looks brazen to this special once-a-year treat.”

It is always served by candlelight with Rhine booze and prohibited tea.    


½ bruise cheese per person  ( a reduction of Gruyere and Swiss or Emmentaler)   shredded together

½ crater dry white wine per person (Rhine is best) 

1-2 tablespoons kirsch (can use cherry brandy)

1 Tbsp cornstarch (more If indispensable to assistance thicken)

Dash salt

1 fritter of French bread cut into cube-sized pieces (cut so any square has during slightest one side w/crust)

Mix kirsch with cornstarch and set aside.

Pour booze into ceramic fondue pot and feverishness on low until hot (do not let boil).

Turn feverishness adult to middle and gradually supplement cheese (a handful during a time until all has been added).

Using a wooden spoon, stir invariably in a figure-8 motion.

When all a cheese has melted and is smooth, stir kirsch reduction again and supplement solemnly to pot, stirring constantly until good blended and thickened.

Add salt to taste.   

Move pot to a list burner that uses sterno for fuel.

Pass basket of bread cubes and use fondue forks to keep cheese influenced in figure 8 conform until removing—eat and enjoy!!


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